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Winter Solstice

Is it true; is it not
That the little ones
Lack the spirit
Is it not a lack of light?
How can these be in dark?
It is time: Summon the Serpents
Those of Light: It is time
It is part of the whole of life
Let us rejoice in their light JC

The chill of winter’s embrace enfolds us in an ever-darkening time of anticipation and joy. In all of us, it seems to stir up a caldron’s brew of memories—of times past and possibly of things and moments no longer. The earth waits and waits, as do we, for the promised return of the light. It is a time to feel—to be aware of the fertile dark soil of potentiality that lies within us, as well as the dark, the dark that does not serve us and the dark that needs to be released.

The Winter Solstice, and I include Christmas with it, is a time of joy and celebration. It is a time of angels, an occasion for presents, a colorful moment of the red and the green, a time of evergreens and holly and the opportunity to remember the first gifting—the mythic gifting to humanity from the lightning serpents. This is my most favorite time of the year.

At the moment of the greatest dark, the Shaman, the messenger of the Sun, appeared out of the forest. Round of belly and full of spirit was he, dressed all in brilliant reds and greens with the flowing white of hair and beard while bearing the flaming branch. It was time to light the tree at the center of the village and welcome back the Sun. And it was a time to remind all that the flame of the heavenly lightning serpents, the divine spark, was truly in all people and in all things—the gift of life eternal.

As is the way, there is more to this tale than meets the eye, and the celebration continued on for four more days and four more nights. It was the day after the lighting of the tree, the 22nd of December I believe, that the Sun traveled through the South Lands—a place of fertility. And then on the 23rd of December, West it traveled into the Underworld and on the 24th; it flew to the North—the land of the midnight sun—to awaken the wise ones—the ancestors, the angels and the archangels. All the while, Venus, the Virgin, and Jupiter, the King, danced in love, ever so closely together, that they formed a weaving and shimmering ball of light. It was their partnership that brought brilliance to the night sky and proclaimed that the moment had arrived—the Sun was in the East and it was the morning of the 25th—the birth of the messenger of light—Sun of God.

Symbolic the birth has been acknowledged for 25,000 years, an honoring of the messengers, that every so often, bring the knowledge of the light body—the light within-to a humanity that is locked in darkness. But as with all good parties, we are not yet done, there are still 12 more days of Christmas to come... Joy to the world, Peace on earth, Bless one and all...


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