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Welcome to a Religious Revolution and a New Consciousness

Divine Humanity - A Spiritual Philosophy and Green Religion


Power to the People - Power to the Earth

A Call to Action
for a New Earth
and True Democracy

Divine Humanity - a Religion of Peace and Equality

The egalitarian religion and spiritual philosophy of Divine Humanity (Humanity represents not only the human race but all things of creation)   

Moyers: … what happens when human beings destroy their environment?

Destroy their world? Destroy nature and the revelations of nature?

Campbell: They destroy their own nature, too. They kill the song.

Moyers: And isn’t mythology the story of the song?

Campbell: Mythology is the song. It is the song of the

 imagination, inspired by the energies of the body.

Joseph Campbell, The Power of Myth


"Know Thyself" (Chilon of Sparta


“I cannot teach anybody anything; I can only make them think.” (Socrates)

A revolutionary movement of action and consciousness is needed now for humanity and the earth. From the mountains, the jungles and the deserts to the oceans and the seas, from every hamlet and village to the cities, large and small, people need to unite as one voice and sing a song of love—Power to the People, Power to the Earth!

This new song of equality will be sweet to the ears of all people and all things of the earth. It will replace the present disharmonious raucous one of domination and inequality. We the people will sing into existence this song of peace, prosperity, equality and freedom for all. Future generations of our children and their children will know that we had finally had enough of the inequality of peoples and species, and had enough of the destruction of the earth by the relatively few with their controlling and destructive paradigms.  

"Are you not ashamed that you give your attention to acquiring as much money as possible, and similarly with honour and reputation, and care so little about wisdom and truth and the greatest improvement of the soul, which you never regard or heed at all?” (Socrates)

Divine Humanity - A Wisdom Religion    

Divine Humanity is a pure religion of the people, by the people and for all the people. Natural Law is a foundational belief and principle of Divine Humanity just as it is a founding principle of the Declaration of Independence—a principle put forth and emphasized by Thomas Jefferson.

“John says Jesus is utterly unique, and you have to know about Jesus because your salvation depends on it. Whereas Thomas says that, yes, Jesus is a manifestation of divine light—but so are you. The light is buried in you and me, obscured and forgotten. Jesus speaks as one who is divine, but the same potential is in everyone. So one’s salvation is in discovering who you are.” (Elaine Pagels)

When it comes to spiritual and religious knowledge and leadership, experience and sanctification practices are essential. This experience is not to be found in a church, temple or mosque but out in nature. It needs to be experiential in content. My religion is a firsthand religion of the type that William James documented in The Varieties of Religious Experience. In this classic study, he “finds the origin of belief in an ‘unseen’ world in the experience of ‘religious geniuses’ who experience firsthand the realities of which religion speaks, and carefully distinguishes this primal experience from what he calls ‘secondhand’ religion, the beliefs that people acquire through tradition….”[i]

Here is a fact: the majority of religious writers, scholars, priests, ministers, rabbis and other religious leaders of our day are secondhand mouthpieces and not teachers or students of what I would call nature’s truths of God’s reflection, sanctification practices and/or indigenous shamanic teachings and practices such as the death and re-birth ceremonial ritual of bathing. But, Jesus was and I am.

In addition to my vision, I have been honored and recognized by Otherworldly spiritual powers—angels—and have journeyed to all parts of the world to directly experience the mysteries of heaven and earth. I have experienced the descent of a spirit just as “Jesus experienced the descent of a spirit upon him—the experience that made a man a magician.”[ii] My descending spirit exorcism was performed on me by an esoteric priest on a sacred mountain top in Japan in 1987.

From this journey of my life and from the depths of my soul, I bring the revolutionary message of Divine Humanity—for all who have the sight to see and for all who have the silence to hear. In addition to my message, my life’s purpose is to awaken and nurture humanity to a new spiritual awareness—a new consciousness. 

Our website is your guide to this pure religion of Divine Humanity. For additional teachings, philosophies and spiritual journeys, please visit our other website:

"On a daily basis, come to understanding not through blind faith but through the merging and equilibrium of intuition (contemplation, vision) and reason (observation, analysis). To deny one or the other is sheer folly." (Rev. Dr. JC Husfelt)


Let the Revolution Begin



Rev. Dr. JC Husfelt, the Morning Star



Below is an actual photo of an archangel and two assisting angels.

Read the story behind this Visitation under ‘I Don’t Believe in Angels—I Know Angels.’

Angel visitation









[i] Marcus J. Borg, Jesus A New Vision, p. 35

[ii] Morton Smith’s Jesus the Magician, p.181



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