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Visions of Power – Effective Prayer

(The following is excerpted from Dr. Husfelt’s forthcoming book The Greatest Lie Ever Told - a Manifesto for a Religious Revolution and a New Consciousness)

Mastery of the mind involves being able to clearly visualize without distracting thoughts. A weak mind is a distracted mind filled with the mundane chatter of life and various hindrances to awakening such as doubt, envy and fear.

Clear and simple imagery within our mind is most important to our awakening. Our storehouse consciousness will believe as reality whatever our eyes see or our mind imagines. This is the essential element of prayer. Words and/or sounds are important but the image, which we hold within our mind, determines the direction and the energetic force of our prayer. If we can’t imagine it, we can’t manifest it. This is the reason that praying for world peace or the Pope praying for the thousands of the Church’s sexual abuse victims is useless in effect. What would the image be of all the victims of Clerical sexual abuse or what would world peace look like? What is needed in both of these cases is action not prayer.

When we are discussing effective prayer, we need to recognize and then implement a three part process based on nature. First, we need a seed. This is the image that we will hold and plant within our mind. Second, we need words that will match our image and our desired intent. When this is complete we pray or symbolically plant our seed within the fertile soil of our mind (heart). Third, we keep the sun (positive focus that the fruit of our seed has already sprouted) and water our soil (daily repetition of prayer) until our seed takes root and grows into a vine that will bear the fruit of our prayer. At anytime if doubt enters our mind, such as to the future outcome, our fruit will wither on the vine. 

However, in many cases prayer alone will not bear the fruit of our seed. What is also needed is the following way of Divine Humanity: ‘With forgiveness our seeds take root and produce the vines that through divine love bear fruit and flowers… with peace and harmony we tend the flowers and pick the fruit and with oneness we eat the fruit and share with all others as brothers and sisters.’ (JC 1993)


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