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The Star

As we arrived at the white sand beach, it was one of those most beautiful late mornings on the islands. The sky was a brilliant blue touched throughout with white fluffy clouds. My friend and I were both standing in the surf facing the ocean. There’s one hard and fast rule on these islands—never turn your back to the ocean as it is disrespectful and dangerous. A short distance away our students were relaxing and swimming. We had a few minutes to talk before we needed to continue on to the fishing village. Before I could say anything, he began talking about the burning. It was a powerful and moving experience for him that included one of his ‘aumākua or ancestors coming to him in spirit form and dressed in full warrior regalia.


He paused, staring out to sea before he continued by saying, “My ancestor brought me a message… but it’s for you. My ancestor said that you are a kahuna po’o[i]… you are a prophet bringing back ‘first knowledge’—the lost knowledge and sacred teachings that have been mis-understood, forgotten and corrupted. You have a message, path and way to share with this world, but do not identify it as being from these islands or other lands. This only separates people and does not unite them. Don’t get discouraged with the resistance you will face; it’s your destiny.”


I was amazed, but in my heart, I had always known the truth of what he was saying. It’s sometimes difficult to determine if it is your own truth from your heart or your ego speaking. To have it verified by another, as well as by the spirit world, was important to me.

I then proceeded to tell him about my vision and the voice. After I had finished explaining, he paused before saying, “In the East, brighter than the other stars… must have been the morning star.”

Even though my friend had potentially identified the star as Venus, I still needed to research and discover further proof that it was the morning star. I decided to consult my astrological birth chart. Astrology predates astronomy and may be traced back to at least 2300 BCE in Mesopotamia and Chaldea and was considered a sacred science. As a further note, in astrology the “retrograde symbol is ‘Rx,’ the same symbol on all medical prescriptions. Physicians until the 15th century had to also be astrologers before they could practice medicine.”[ii]

The validity of astrology may be verified by the philosophy of macrocosm and microcosm. This is the premise that all occurrences in the microcosm (humanity/earth) are influenced by the macrocosm (the heavens) and is Greek in origin possibly dating back to the fifth century BCE. Later on an axiom developed known as “as below, so above; as above, so below.” This philosophy taken from The Emerald Tablet of Hermes Trismegistus “underpinned the work of the great minds of the past, such as Plato, Aristotle, Pythagoras, and Ptolemy.”[iii] This proposes that we are a reflection of the heavens. Thus the manner in which the planets and stars are arranged in heaven when we are born is an imprint and reflection of who we are—a guide to our soul. 

An astrologer who had read my chart many years before had said that it was one of the most unusual ones that she had ever seen in all the years that she had been doing charts. One unusual aspect was that my chart was called a ‘bundle,’ a very rare grouping of planets clustering together. This means that there are no afflicted aspects between the planets but an abundance of helpful conjunctions. She went on to tell me that there was a cluster of planets all in the sign of Libra in the first and twelfth houses. Both of these houses represent the inner and outer self.

Libra is ruled by Venus so a number of planets in Libra, especially in the first and twelfth houses, would be evidence of the identity of the star. What I found supported my identity as the morning star: my rising sign is in Libra at 12 degrees 05'… in the twelfth house I have my moon at 8 degrees 51' Libra and Neptune at 7 degrees 10' Libra… in the first house Mars is at 12 degrees 44' Libra, Venus at 21 degrees 32' Libra, Jupiter at 24 degrees 53' Libra and Chiron in Libra...6 planets all in Libra clustered around my Libra ascendant, and all ruled by Venus.

My moon is conjunct my ascendant, Neptune and Mars; Mars is conjunct my ascendant and Neptune; Neptune is conjunct my ascendant; and finally, Venus and Jupiter are in conjunction at only 3 degrees apart. Both Venus and Jupiter are considered morning stars.

Additionally, I only have one planet in Virgo, my sun in the 11th house—the virgin woman is clothed with the sun and symbolically the moon (new moon) in Libra is below her feet with the ‘heart of the dragon,’ my heliacal rising star, in front of her.

It is interesting to note that my friend’s spirit ancestor had called me a prophet. Accordingly, “it is noteworthy that among Asiatic peoples the planet Venus excites unique reverence as the shaman’s source of prophetic inspiration, even being credited with originating the power to shamanize.”[iv]

I am the Morning Star as revealed by my vision and the mandala of my soul. Further research also revealed the reasons for my knowledge of the ideal egalitarian society[v] and a few of my past incarnations. The planet Neptune, past lives and spiritual enlightenment, is strongly positioned in the twelfth house with conjunctions to the Moon, Mars and my Ascendant. Neptune’s paradigm is the universal sea of oneness—the unity of all existence. It is the quest for redemption and for ‘lost’ Eden or the Egalitarian Golden Age. Neptune also governs mass consciousness or the collective subconscious.

Going one step further I discovered that Neptune has both Saturn (Form, Time, Far-seeing and Structure) and Pluto (Power, Transformation, Regeneration and Re-birth) sextile. Since my book is a manifesto for a religious revolution, it is interesting to note that “Neptune-Pluto appears to express itself primarily on the religious level.”[vi] My Saturn in Leo (Proud and Creative) sextile to Neptune in Libra (Harmony, Unity, the Ideal and Beauty) is a soul gift, which gives me the ability to give form to the formless. The formless is not solely limited to the ideal of non-dogmatic religious egalitarian philosophy but, and in some ways much more important, the ideal society.

Furthermore, the relationship and interplay of Saturn and Pluto in the 10th house with Neptune in the twelfth and the addition of Uranus (the Awakener) in the 9th conjunct my North Node, known as the Dragon’s head, gives me another great gift of soul—knowledge of past lives. 

My vision was in 1993 and little did I expect that four years later in 1997, verification of one of my past incarnations would be physically revealed not only to my wife (symbolically the moon) and me (symbolically the sun) but as well to twelve (symbolically the twelve constellations) of our apprentices.[vii]

After my vision came the establishment of the One Earth Church and my message of Divine Humanity - a Pure Religion.



[i] High priest


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[v] The research for this last section, which begins with ‘I am the Morning Star,’ was only done by me during the summer of 2009. From the time of my vision until the summer of 2009, I was not aware of the tremendous influence that the interplay of Saturn and Pluto with Neptune has on me as regards the ideal society, which is an integral part of my message.

[vi] Liz Greene, The Astrological Neptune and the Quest for Redemption, p. 444

[vii] Please see our Direct Angelic Experience.