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The Love of Intrinsic Egalitarianism vs. the Fear of Capitalism

(The following is excerpted from Dr. Husfelt’s forthcoming book The Greatest Lie Ever Told - a Manifesto for a Religious Revolution and a New Consciousness)   

There are two basic foundational principles that are at odds when we discuss the differences between Intrinsic Egalitarianism and Capitalism. The first may be more obvious than the second. I am referring to equality. In fact, equality is the Bogyman of Capitalism. If a politician discusses redistribution of wealth, conservatives run behind their shit-encrusted walls of inequality, greed and wealth and from the battlements shout socialism and the evils of redistribution and equality. Of course, one of Capitalism’s standard defenses of redistribution of wealth is that everyone has the opportunity to accrue wealth, which is a standard criterion of American success. And of course, this success is to be displayed at every opportunity through the scale and scope of ones possessions, savings and investments.

And of course, since we can’t carry around an ledger sheet that others can see, we must have multiple external signs of our success—large homes, possibly multiple homes, multiple cars and recreational vehicles, expensive watches, and in the case of women, big artificial boobs. And if we are really successful, foundations will shout from their ivory clad campuses for all to hear their success and their concern for others. But can any person accrue wealth and the excessive wealth that capitalism is based on?  

The short answer is no. There are three primary factors that come into play and that are difficult to argue against. First in a hierarchal paradigm such as capitalism there is only so much ‘room’ at the top. Thus the capitalistic paradigm is such that their has to be ones at the top and ones at the bottom and others in-between. In other words, capitalism’s basic function deems a world of haves and have nots with others in-between that are good capitalistic workers but in America and in many cases do not make enough to afford health insurance.

The second factor is an individual’s gift that is at odds with the money-making greed of capitalism. One of the principles of intrinsic egalitarianism is intrinsic identity. Each one of us is unique with certain gifts of spirit. Everyone has a gift to share. This, in and of itself, is different from the tenants of the hierarchal structure and system of capitalism. A person may have an artistic gift but the lure and social pressure to succeed i.e. make lots of money and show it through possessions, will make them abandon their heart’s work (starving artist syndrome) and become a capitalistic soldier with the lure to become a general or in the parlance of capitalism—a Captain of Industry. Are their potential Mozart’s or Beethoven’s alive today but the world will never benefit or know due to the lure of solely making money and acquiring the power that flows from excessive amounts of money?

The third primary factor is birth circumstances. I realize that there are always exceptions to the rule. President Barack Obama or former President Bill Clinton may be examples even though their birth circumstances were not as extreme as many others experience across the world or even within the United States. But birth circumstances such as George W. Bush, born into a moneyed and influential family, do play a role in the capitalistic paradigm and in his case political as well as capitalistic, a prime example of ‘Capocracy’ or Capitalistic-Democracy. These birth circumstances are reflective of medieval times where one’s birth determined one’s lot in life. It may not be as obvious in today’s world as it was during medieval times but it is still a factor in many peoples capitalistic and political success.