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The Lie of Salvation

 (The following is excerpted from Dr. Husfelt’s forthcoming book The Greatest Lie Ever Told - a Manifesto for a Religious Revolution and a New Consciousness) 

Common sense dictates to us that the concept of salvation as well as faith requires no self-responsibility, self-reflection or ‘work;’ whereas sanctification requires personal responsibility as well as ‘work.’ The ‘work’ that I refer to is both spiritual and mundane: i.e. forgiveness (spiritual); right actions such as speaking our truth (mundane). Salvation and faith as religious doctrine negate personal responsibility for our words, thoughts and actions. A person’s mind may harbor thoughts of anger, resentment and greed but as long as they profess ‘belief in Jesus,’ it doesn’t matter. They are still ‘saved.’

This type of religion, a religion that is totally one of salvation and faith, is destructive to a person’s true spirit and the spirit of the earth and is a religion of black magic—this is Christianity. Christianity is a religion of salvation—pure and simple due not only to the actions of Paul, but eventually sealed in stone with the proceedings of the Council of Nicaea. This council “created the literally fantastic Jesus of faith and adopted the pretense that this was a historically accurate rendering.”[i] This redeeming faith created by the council anchored, once and for all, the lie of Paul and established Christianity as a religion of salvation.

Guilt by Proxy

Walk into the majority of Christian Churches and what do you see—a crucified man on a cross. Where is the love in this image? It is dark and depressing but serves a very important point. It keeps the symbolic ‘sheep’ in line through guilt. This reinforces their lie of salvation that Jesus died for our sins. But Jesus dying for original sin is not true and it is a major lie of Christianity. If we leave the realm of ignorance and with a little research, we discover that Jesus did not believe in original sin. In fact, it was not a belief of Judaism or the pre-Gnostic Mediterranean Mystery Cults.

If you want to be depressed then go to a Christian Church. The atmosphere is one of doom and gloom where sinners get absolved of sin. Where is the beauty and where is the love of the Kingdom of God—the Kingdom of Heaven and the Realm of Earth in these churches?

Christianity’s kingdom is the Patriarchal Church and its lie of Salvation. But the kingdom in Jesus’ message is revealed through the Gnostic Gospel of Thomas: “The Kingdom is inside you and outside you.”[ii] This refers to the sacredness of the earth and to the divineness that we each have within us—our divine spark. And the key to the Kingdom of Heaven and the Realm of Earth is our heart—not a human made structure, institution and/or their dogma and doctrine, whether that is religious or secular—but the divine spark contained within our heart.

We do not need the lie of salvation preached by Christianity; the earth does not need its salvation; what we do need and the earth needs is Love. Love of self, love of all others, love of the earth and all its creatures, love of the sun and the moon, love of the stars and the heavens—this is the love of God.

How then do we discover and awaken this love of God. Not through salvation but through non-dualistic interpenetration achieved through experiential and initiatory sanctification practices (oneness through spiritual work). Jesus revealed this to his students when he taught that “when you make the two one, and when you make the inside like the outside and the outside like the inside, and the above like the below, and when you make the male and the female one and the same… then will you enter [the Kingdom].”[iii]

Christianity’s establishment of a religion of salvation was based on a lie and was a direct assault against Jesus’ true message, his belief and his practice of sanctification. He taught a pathway, which resulted in a transformation of consciousness. This was not through salvation but through the process of initiation and sanctification. One of his primary initiatory and sanctification practices was bathing. This was taught and passed on to him by John the ‘Dipper.’

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