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Natural Law

(The following is excerpted from Dr. Husfelt’s forthcoming book The Greatest Lie Ever Told - a Manifesto for a Religious Revolution and a New Consciousness) 

The fall of 2008 opened the underbelly of the greed of Capitalism for all to see as the financial markets ‘tanked’ across the world. At the time, we were in France having taken another spiritual group to the Rennes-le-Chateau area. Staying at the Bishop’s Palace again, we were shut-off to any news from the outside world. We had last brought a group of our students here in 1999. Nine years later, it was refreshing to see few changes in the spiritual and physical landscape compared to the influx of greed and capitalism that has happened at various other sacred sites around the world. One such site being Machu Picchu in Peru.

This area of Southern France is very special to Sherry and me. There are many prophecies and legends connected with this area of Southern France such as the Holy Grail and the site of the New Jerusalem. This sacred land has also been known as a place that has survived previous earth changes. Ever since the Da Vinci Code, Rennes-le-Chateau has experienced an astounding increase in tourism. Most visitors focus on the hilltop site, its church and graveyard but miss the real spiritual power, which lies in the valleys and mountains surrounding Rennes.

We only spent a few hours at Rennes-le-Chateau as our real focus was on the spa-town of Rennes-les-Bains, the salt water and fresh water streams that feed into it and a local sacred site known as the ‘devil’s chair.’ Named by the Catholic Church, it is a stone chair on the side of a mountain that looks towards the rising sun in the East. A pre-Christian site, possibly Druidic, it commands an imposing place on the mountainside. And due to its location, a Church could not be built over it. When this was the case, the Church would demonize the spot in various ways—one being identifying it as a site sacred to Satan.

I renamed the stone seat the Morning Star Seat. When we returned home to Washington State, I discovered that the stone seat was possibly connected with Isis. There is an old legend that states: “The Spirit of Nodens – God of the Great Deep – flashed forth as lightning from the depths and formed a throne in celestial realms – a seat of stone – whereon the Goddess was established. She ruled from the throne of stone which Nodens had fashioned, and about her the temple of Nu-Isis grew into being. This also was of stone, hollowed out, and of the lightning. And this Seat of Stone whirled forth in the heavens – the vehicle of Noden’s fire – veiled from mortal eyes by a vitreous curtain of deep unyielding ocean.”[i] It has been proposed “that the name Isis literally means a stone seat.”[ii] Isis is also identifiable as Venus.

The Morning Star Seat has a power that is hard to describe. Right next to the stone seat is a spring in a circular shape that is further proof of the power of this site. My wife performed an ancient anointing ceremony at this spot witnessed by three of our apprentices. The details are not necessary to be shared. Needlessly to say, the stone seat was honored in a manner that possibly has not been done for thousands of years. 

After another few days of adventures, we finally departed for the medieval city of Carcassonne. It was here in the hotel lobby where we were staying that I discovered the global edition of the New York Times with the headline: “Two lions face a reckoning – Greenspan makes a rare admission of fallibility.” Alan Greenspan, former Federal Reserve chairman and the guru of free markets and no regulation of the fear-based and power-based greed common to un-awakened people, related that he found a flaw in his theories. In testimony before Congress, he said:  

“I made a mistake in presuming that the self-interests of organizations, specifically banks and others, were such as that they were best capable of protecting their own shareholders and their equity in the firms….”

Waxman (Democratic chairman of the Government Oversight Committee of the House of Representatives) pushed the former Fed chief, who left office in 2006, to clarify his explanation.


“In other words, you found that your view of the world, your ideology, was not right, it was not working,” Waxman said.


“Absolutely, precisely,’ Greenspan replied.”[iii]

In a nutshell, Greenspan revealed what happens when you do not regulate un-awakened people’s behaviors. This is interesting due to the fact that our society believes that rules and regulations are necessary and proper for the functioning of a civilized society. Therefore, do we perceive a conspiracy of greed by the few? I’ll let you answer that question yourself. At last, one of the core problems of the capitalistic paradigm has been revealed. And that is the issue of un-awakened people at the top functioning totally from a dysfunctional first chakra approach, or to put in layman terms, being controlled by the egotistic aspects of self-power, survival, security and money, money, money.

Nowhere in sight is the concept of Natural Law, which states that each of us has the altruistic DNA of God within us but it stays dormant until awakened. And this brings me to the reason why I mention the south of France. It seems to me that the people of this area of France subscribe to a philosophy, probably unconsciously, of Natural Law versus the more common Free Market Capitalistic viewpoint.

This land reminds me of my childhood; people live in harmony with the land not in opposition to it. It has the technology of today but it has a mindset of quality of life not quantity. It does verify the point that we each can have the benefits of society’s advancement without the undo stress of unnecessary work to feed the tapeworm of excessive consumption. Simplicity is truly the priceless pearl of life. Living here does take a little bit of getting used to as everything basically closes down for lunch from Noon to 2:00 PM. People relax and talk together and the talk is not about business. South of Carcassonne lays Limoux, famous for its sparking wine which was the world’s first called Blanquette. The town celebrates Carnival not for a week but for three months.

People really are sheep even though they might think that they are sly wolves (using common terminology to make my point). But the actions of the Capitalistic elites have played right into the hands of the heavenly energies i.e. Pluto’s entrance into Capricorn. I constantly hear the issue of infrastructure and President Obama is talking about establishing a ‘green economy.’

It is a fact that Christianity and Capitalism have sold people a bill of goods. And the results of their actions have caused great suffering in the past but will cause even greater suffering in the future over the next twenty-some years. In the end it will all work out for the better but the sad part is that so many people, as well as the bio-sphere of the planet, will have had to pay such a great price for the actions of the relatively few.


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