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Partnership Not Stewardship



Nature in partnership is one of the hallmarks of Divine Humanity. It acknowledges the equality and divinity of nature and the realization that humanity is not above nature, as a steward, or below nature, at the mercy of it, but is one with nature and in partnership with the earth in co-creating a paradisiacal state of life, for all life.

The earliest religious leaders that recognized a partnership with nature were the shamans, kahuna and druids of old. In their on-going quest to maintain harmony, within each individual and within the community at large, they understood the necessity of honoring the earth and the heavens. As they taught their people to love each other, as they love themselves, they knew that the love and the honor that they showed to nature would be returned to them many times over. All of their rituals and ceremonies were therein conducted with the intent of love and respect and a focus on creating and maintaining caring harmonious relationships.

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