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Divine Humanity as Your Religion Part 1

All over this great earth people are experiencing immeasurable fear. This is due to the ever accelerating present world-wide conditions: natural catastrophes, wars, rumors of wars, global-warming, terrorism, the fear of terrorism, disease, and the list can go on and on. For many people, these happenings are ever present—a sad reality of life. For others who have not yet been touched by these events, the fear and the dread, of what the future may bring, is still within the fore-front of their consciousness. 


For the ruling humanity and their institutions to stay on a devastating path of ecological ruin, materialistic gain and religious conflict will only result in cataclysmic destruction of the earth and its creatures. Not total destruction, mind you, but it will still be a world left ‘barren’ of resources and beauty where our children’s children, and their children, will suffer greatly. All of this is caused by these power-driven, greedy-egocentric elites and their capitalistic and religious patriarchal institutions. 


However, there is hope. Have you ever heard of the ‘Hundredth Monkey Effect? Even though it is not based on proven scientific fact, it still holds promise in the potential of transformation and change of human behavior. Basically the transformational effect takes place when a certain number of animals, in this case monkeys, adopt the same behaviour. In other words, when the ‘hundredth monkey’ begins doing the same behavior as the other ninety-nine, this behavior then immediately spreads throughout the rest of the population of monkeys.


We might not be able to prove the validity of this effect, but in my heart I feel that it is possible to affect such a change through the work of a small (relative to humanity’s population) group of people. Another analogy that I like to ‘talk story’ about is the ‘river rescue:’


I’m standing on the bank of a raging river when I hear a cry for help. Dis-regarding the raging river, I dive in and swim out to the person drowning. I make the rescue and lay the person down on the ground near the bank of the river when I hear another cry for help. I dive back in and swim out to rescue another person caught in the ever-changing current of the raging river. And bring them safely back to shore. And once again I hear a cry for help… rescue… cry for help… rescue… on and on it goes… until


I decide to stop rescuing people and go up-river and discover who (or what) is pushing the people into the raging river and prevent it from happening!


The world is a mess. There are much needed people like Bill and Melinda Gates that are the rescuers of the drowning ones. And there are many others. In no way am I degrading or belittling their compassionate help through their foundation, or the many others, which in their own way, are being rescuers of people. However, there is another side to these foundations, one that is materialistic and destructive (please see page on Capitalism).


But the ones that need to be stopped, the ones ‘pushing people’ into the dark depths of the present currents of life, are the capitalistic beliefs and practices and the religious institutional elites. They are the ones that need to be stopped and their harmful paradigms destroyed. If you agree with me; could Divine Humanity be the paradigm answer to this ‘humanity/ecological destroying’ problem?


Pure and very simply, capitalistic practices, as well as the religious beliefs of stewardship of nature, destroy the bio-sphere of earth. There is no concern for the welfare of the earth if it threatens the bottom-line.


These paradigms do not believe in or support partnership, just egotistical superior-ship. But on the contrary, Divine Humanity is based on a partnership of nature and a partnership of self and other.