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Captain of the Heavenly Host - The Archangel Mikael


Summer turned into fall as I had finally solved the mystery of the identity of the archangel. The archangel was Mikael, known to most as the archangel Michael. I had determined this through my research of the connection between myself and the archangel:

1.       Michael was denominated by the kabalists and the Gnostics, “the Saviour,” the angel of the Sun and angel of Light.[i]

2.       The Archangel Michael’s day is Sunday and the astrological sign is Leo.

3.       The visitation was on the night of the new moon and I was born under a new moon.

4.       Mikael is the Angelic Prince of Israel. Even though I was not brought up Jewish, Jewish blood runs through my Mother’s side of the family.

5.       He is the fiery manifestation in the burning bush (Ex 2:5).[ii] The angelic fire and light (spirit) interpenetrated with the bush (matter). This is the earliest known Biblical reference to non-dualistic interpenetration.

6.       Mikael is the Angel of Sanctification. I am one of the few Caucasians that carries the lineage of the sanctification practice of bathing.

7.       Mikael is the Warrior archangel, captain of the Heavenly Hosts and the guardian of the ‘mysteries.’

8.       Mikael is the guardian of labyrinths (death spirals included) and the organizer of earth energies.

9.       Mikael has always been connected with both water and lightning. And according to various prophecies, great events are often heralded by unusual weather conditions. The storm before the visitation was extremely unusual. Seraphim are “known as the ‘fiery, flying serpents of lightning,’ who ‘roar like lions.’”[iii] This would exactly be the manner in which I would describe the intensity of the lightning and the sound of the storm. In addition Mikael is identifiable as one of the Seraphim.

10.   Mikael is known as the Angelic Psychopomp, the mediator between life and death, and the Archangel of the Shamans.

11.   The celestial bees are under the supervision of Mikael. The bee is our family aumakua.

12.   And finally, Mikael assists the messengers—‘lightbringers’ of the different Ages of humanity and is the messenger of the prophets. 

It was late on an October afternoon of the same year when one of our apprentices contacted me. “JC, you’ll never guess what I have,” he said in an excited tone.  

“While you were finishing the late afternoon building of the spiral, I took a picture of you in the center of it. When I got home I just threw the camera into my vehicle and just last week got around to getting the pictures developed. I knew something was up when the photo shop lady said, ‘One of your pictures has caused quit a stir.’” 

He paused and then said, “Guess what; I have a daylight photograph of the Archangel and the two assisting angels[iv]. They were observing us building the spiral… and no one ever suspected!”

The picture is sacred and precious. Closer examination of the picture revealed a very faint image of what looks like the shape of a sword or an elongated four-pointed star pointing to the heavens. This dim image is within the center of the reflected light.



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[iv] The picture that we have and others that were present was taken during the day. No one saw what the camera picked up. The picture is not of columns of light. It is an intense light off to my left in the woods with two globes of light suspended above. The light has a shape almost like a sword in its center with golden rays coming off of it. It’s been verified that it is not a reflection of the lens of the instant camera that took the picture.