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Why Revolution?


(The following is excerpted from Dr. Husfelt’s forthcoming book The Greatest Lie Ever Told - a Manifesto for a Religious Revolution and a New Consciousness)

“As far as the history of human enlightenment is concerned, rebellion, as part of the spiritual evolution of man, is a necessary shock to the status quo of dogma.”[i]


Separation, whether physical or mental, is a breeding ground for conflict. For example, the on-going Jewish/Palestinian conflict is based not only on conflicting religious beliefs, but also on the right to previously held land. Where there is inequality in land ownership, there is also economic inequality.

Organized religions, especially the big three—Judaism, Christianity and Islamic, cause separation through their dogma, doctrine and foundational beliefs. Thus over the past millennia, the earth and its people have witnessed conflict after conflict and seldom has there been ‘peace on earth.’

However, there is a breath of fresh air to counter these dogmatic, book-based religions. It is Divine Humanity, which bases its foundational beliefs on unity rather than separation. Divine Humanity believes that all people are equal and in unity with all other things of the earth i.e. animals, trees, birds, fish, stones, etc. In the world of the big three organized religions, this belief would be viewed as heretical.

In my heart I am a revolutionary and a heretic. I see the wrong-doing, the destruction of the earth, its creatures, its people and the injustice that has been caused by Christianity’s purposeful Lie, of ‘Jesus as God: Redeemer of Sin,’ which I elaborate on later.  No one seems to question the corruptness and wrongness of organized religion that pits non-believers against believers. On top of this is the arrogant stance of Christianity, that ‘men’ are superior to all other things of the earth. This concept of stewardship of women and the earth is incorrect and so unenlightened that it equates to Christianity’s past stance in the Middle Ages that all things of the heavens revolved around the earth. And any individuals who questioned the Church’s beliefs and doctrine, such as Galileo, were deemed heretics.

It would seem to me that I am in good company. And with a little common sense and insight, you may see that Yeshua of Nazareth (Jesus) was also a heretic in the eyes of the Jewish Priestly Power Elite—the Sanhedrin. Religious organizations, in fact any established institutions—especially Capitalistic[ii], do not look kindly on anyone who reveals to society their corruptness, out-datedness and duplicity. The reality is that heretics, past and present, are really revolutionaries in the core being of their hearts and minds.

Human beings have the capacity to develop, imagine and construct paradigms as life guidelines. The one paradigm that needs to be and deserves to be as pure as the driven snow and all inclusive is religion. Religion needs to be the purest form of human expression.

However, organized and institutionalized religious hierarchy, and its dogma and doctrine, destroy purity and inclusiveness, especially if they are solely guided by the ‘book’ – the Bible, Torah or Koran. As many of us are aware, the present state of organized religion is light-years away from purity and inclusiveness. What is the solution to this present state of affairs on this beautiful earth, which has witnessed over the millennia, the separation and destructiveness of organized religions’ dogma and doctrine? What can be done?

A Revolution is Needed!

There are a multitude of reasons for a revolution to occur not only in religion but in it’s equally ‘evil’ twin of capitalism. The most important one is that the world as we know it is on the verge of collapse. The biodiversity catastrophe that humanity is facing has been brought about by two destructive paradigms: Institutionalized Religion and Capitalism.

The big three institutionalized religions have promoted humanity’s, or as they would put it, ‘mans’ superiority to nature and its creatures. And as ‘stewards’ of the earth, man knows what is best for the earth. This has given free reign and moral license to the lords of capitalism to do whatever is needed to increase profit, even if it means indiscriminately destroying rainforests, habitats, and indigenous tribes while in addition arbitrarily polluting the environment. This is all in the name of progress and profit.

Only revolutionary thought and action can overcome the ingrained and embedded corruption and out-datedness of these institutions and paradigms of organized religion and capitalism. The problems created by these two paradigms cannot be solved and overcome by the same type of thinking that established them in the first place.

It has been proven that: “Throughout history, the orthodox, the past-oriented, have feared any degree of spiritual rebellion. Not a single founder of any of today’s socially acceptable religions has come from an established priesthood or hierarchy.”[iii] There is a reason for this. Only a person with the inner fires of rebellion and revolution burning within them, and without any ties and/or loyalties to the established orthodox theologies, can bring a new message and a new light to the world.

Countering established thought is difficult. The only way to achieve a new level of thinking, a new consciousness is through ‘shock and awe.’ Love works but only revolutionary action can achieve the necessary disruption of the conservative mode that most people sense as reality. Even liberals have a tendency to resist change. People as a whole are more comfortable with the status quo. This is based on their fear of change, which is rooted in the fear of the unknown. Even people in abusive relationships will stay in the known, painful as it is, instead of leaving the relationship and walking through the doorway of change and into the unknown.

A new consciousness is desperately needed within humanity. I believe that this is possible to achieve, but only through a radical revolution in religious belief, philosophy and thought. This will transform and bring human consciousness to a new level of being and awareness. This religious revolution will expose institutionalized religion for what it truly is: corrupt and out-dated. In fact, was there ever a need for dogmatic hierarchical religion in the first place? As I mentioned before, I am not the first to propose a revolution in religion. Jesus, who was a pioneer of democratic thinking, brought a revolutionary message and philosophy to all who had ears to hear:   

There can be little doubt that Jesus was a revolutionary, and that the message he promoted was so highly altruistic that its full acceptance in any hierarchical society would prove impossible because the very hierarchy would be undermined. His fine and egalitarian ideals suffered the moment they were extended into the community.[iv]


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