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Revolutionary Heroes Unite

World legends recall a primordial time of enlightenment. This Golden Age has been portrayed as a time of spiritual awakening and transcendence where peace, harmony and tranquility became the norm of life. The Golden Age always arises out of the ashes of the previous unenlightened war ravaged Dark Age of humanity. This Dark Age is our present one. Inequality, corruption, chaos, war and great suffering are the hallmarks of the present. Thank goodness, and for the well-being of all, our present Age of inequality and suffering is slowly fading away while transitioning into a Stellar Age—a Golden Age of peace and equality.

In this time of need there are legends that portray a generation of heroes that arise to give life to the new Golden Age. Are you one of these heroes?

Divine Humanity is not institutionalized or hierarchal. It is a pure religion in its purest sense. Divine Humanity is also an ecological religion of spirituality. It is a religion of heaven and earth and is all inclusive. You do not have to pass a hierarchal ‘gatekeeper’ to join, such as in the Christian Church through baptism. All that is needed is the acceptance of Divine Humanity as your belief and religion and the willingness to awaken your ‘spark’ within. 

Acceptance of Divine Humanity as Your Religion and/or Spiritual Philosophy.


Join us for a once in a lifetime journey to the mystical sites of Brittany, France A Midsummer’s Dream Journey of Myth and Magic, June 19 – 26, 2010... hope you can join us. 

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