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True Democracy


(The following is excerpted from Dr. Husfelt’s forthcoming book The Greatest Lie Ever Told - a Manifesto for a Religious Revolution and a New Consciousness) 

Is True Democracy Possible under a Capitalistic System? Democracy is based on equality, first and foremost, not just free elections. Equality is not in the language of capitalism. Fair and equal wages are not to be found within the capitalistic paradigm. The bottom line does not care about equality, justice or the well-being of humanity or the earth.

In today’s world democracy is not true and pure democracy but what I call ‘Capocracy’ or Capitalistic-Democracy. Corporations have taken over America and the democracy on which the United States was founded. Until we have the demise of Capitalism, True Democracy will have to remain my dream and vision for humanity and the earth. However, there is a way for a group of concerned individuals to begin the process of True Democracy through the founding and forming of Awakened Sustainable Communities.