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The Visitation

Direct Angelic Experience


I don’t believe in angels… I know angels:


If you are blind and have never seen the sun rise it doesn’t matter how many hypotheses you can array, you still don’t know. Belief is simply the adoption of someone else’s idea. Once you have seen the sun you don’t believe in it, you know it.[i]


I’ve seen angels… this is the reason that I don’t believe in angels; I know angels. Most importantly, I have not seen angels in my mind, in a cloud formation or in my dreams or as some type of human figure. I’ve been in the presence of and witness to an archangel and the two assisting angels. To verify this, my wife, Sherry, and twelve of our apprentices were witness to the same sacred visitation. It occurred on the night of the new moon, August the 3, 1997 in the woods of Maine. 


Winter 1997

The first indication of what was to come occurred in the winter of 1997. At that time, even in the wildest part of my imaginative mind, I had no idea or inclination of what the future might hold for our apprentices and us. In addition, this was the winter of the appearance of the Comet Hale-Bopp in the Northern Hemisphere. It was only many years later that I would recognize its connection to the visitation.

It was early April and I was conducting a week-end corporate community-building seminar in the foothills of Maine. There was still snow on the ground but the air temperature was tolerable. Our seminars were not, to say the least, your typical corporate fare. We would explore territory that was many times taboo within the corporate mindset but we got away with it because we did get results and great feedback from the participants. One exercise that pushed the envelope of acceptability was one that demonstrated the power of the mind over the body.

On Saturday evening, I asked for volunteers that would like to ‘go for it.’ Out of the twenty-some only a handful volunteered after I explained the exercise. Basically, through directed focused attention and intention they would be able to spend some time barefoot in the snow without the benefit of coat or hat. Even though the sun had been shining throughout the day, once the sun ‘dies,’ it gets cold. It was well below freezing as I took the few outside and explained in detail the exercise.

However, due to the present conditions, I slightly adapted the exercise. The special condition was the comet Hale-Bopp streaming through the heavens like an icy-blue angel. This was a very special occasion and extraordinary view, to say the least. The last time this comet visited the earth the Great Pyramids were young and Stonehenge was only a vision waiting to happen. The year of its last visit was around 2215 BCE, which would have been around the time of the life of the Biblical Patriarch Abraham! A few scholars date the event differently and feel that the last time Hale-Bopp appeared was some 4000 years ago during the time that Noah was building the Ark.![ii]

Down through the ages according to mythology, comets such as Hale-Bopp have been considered celestial messengers and harbingers of prophecy. It was recorded that Hawaiian King Kamehameha, great warrior and unifier of the Hawaiian Islands, was born during the appearance of Halley’s Comet. Since Hale-Bopp was a greater comet and seldom visited the earth, what then was the message this time? I wondered….!

As the comet was flying overhead, I had each person focus their eyes on the comet—a once in a lifetime vision of heavenly magic. And what a sight it was; a memory forever etched within our souls. At the conclusion of the exercise everyone was simply amazed at not feeling the cold with warmth still in their feet and the mystical sight of the comet overhead. Little did I realize that the magic was just beginning?

The next morning was Sunday, the conclusion of the seminar. As I was ending the class, a strange and unexplainable thing happened. In front of everyone in the meeting room, a white feather mysteriously fell out of the air and dropped into the palm of my hand. Being early spring but still cold and snow on the ground, all the windows in the building and the room had been closed and locked for months. There was no rational explanation for its appearance. It just manifested out of thin air.

Over the next several months the mystery just deepened. Two more feathers inexplicably appeared. Again they manifested out of thin air and in front of our students. During one of our weekend teaching sessions, two of our apprentices, over the lunch break, had independent visions of myself riding on a white horse. Even though it was known that I was not a ‘horse’ person due to an incident that occurred in my childhood.

During the summer in Maryland, where I was raised, a carnival would setup for a few days every year in our small town. I was young, probably eight or nine years old, when my Grandmother took me to the local carnival. This one summer night, they had pony rides. As I was waiting in line, I happened to move to a spot where I was now behind one of the ponies. Before I knew it, I was in intense pain and crying. It seemed that that pony had kicked its hind legs or leg back and hit me—in the groin! Ironically, my wife to be, Sherry, loved horses and rode often. And on our honeymoon, I agreed to go riding with her. Well, the experience, which in my case, lasted maybe 2 minutes before I got off, was the first and last time I’ve been on a horse.

[i] Malcolm Godwin, Angels, p. 237

[ii] Daniel W. E. Green of the Harvard- Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics stated that the latest orbital calculations indicate that the Hale-Bopp comet last passed through the inner solar system about 4210 years ago. An Arutz-7 correspondent noted that according to the ancient Jewish text Seder Olam Rabah, the comet's previous appearance was approximately the same year that Noah began building the ark.”


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