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The Mystery



In our journey of Awakening our Divine Spark and striving for Divinehood, we need to explore the mysteries of life. Many times throughout the twists and turns of our existence, we have wondered about the following universal questions: What is death and what is the meaning of life? Who are we; where are we going? Is there such a thing as re-incarnation? Is life truly ever-lasting? What is God? These are just a few of the divine mysteries that are a part of the great Mystery. These mysteries are to be sought after - and in the seeking you will experience - and in the experience you will understand - and in the understanding you will know- and this knowing will be based on your own knowledge and wisdom - not what you may have read in a book, any book including the Bible, or what someone else has told you including all authority figures—religious as well as secular!


Direct Personal Experience


To know the mysteries is to know life and happiness. It is the discovery of truth through experience. It is a transformational journey, which allows at each moment a chance to experience the divine - the mystery and thus embrace the essence of one’s soul which is One with the Mystery—radical non-dualism. A mystery allows a “knowing” that transcends the perceptual mind.


Spiritual lessons are very personal.  They require humility, patience, and perseverance—plus intent, focus, and confidence.  Through our direct experiences with the earth and nature, we learn about the sacred realms and the ways of the Heavens. Through personal direct experience we learn to see with an ‘inner vision’—a vision that lets us see the truth from our heart.


Throughout the ages, the ‘great ones’ — the prophets, shamans and sages — always looked to nature and solitude in their search for the mysteries of life.  Through direct experience they found the silence and universal, ageless wisdom that helped them heal themselves and others.


Buddha went in search of the Mystery and illumination, and found it sitting in solitude beneath the Bodhi tree, symbol of immortal knowledge. Jesus, a teacher of the mysteries, after his repeated bathings and his vision as the Morning Star, spread his message of forgiveness, love and power. Moses’ experience of the ‘burning bush’ and his vision of Oneness. Kukai, known as Kobo Daishi, the founder of Shingon or Esoteric Buddhism in Japan, was a wandering saint who traveled to China and returned with knowledge and wisdom. Muhammad sought solitude in a mountain cave near Mecca to discover the mysteries of life.


Each of these prophets only ‘awoke’ after years of hard ascetic training. This awakening occurred when each had a vision of the Morning Star—it was not an ending but the beginning of their message. Each messenger was the message.


But Christianity would not have us follow in the footsteps of these great philosophers and prophets. Christianity’s message, which is in direct opposition to Jesus’ philosophy and message, is don’t do—it’s been done, just have faith. Personal experience is not important. In fact, if you really read between the lines, reason and common sense have no resting place in faith.


Could this be the reason for the carnage and devastation that has been done over the millennium in the name of Jesus? Blind faith, as demanded by Christianity, is as potential damaging as a nuclear blast.


Ironically enough, a faddish question within Christianity has been the phrase: “What Would Jesus Do?” And the questions have ranged from: ‘would Jesus be a vegetarian’ to ‘would Jesus shop at Wal-Mart?’ I have yet to hear any questions asked such as: ‘would Jesus do winter bathing?’


Again the thought process is so superficial and reflects the inner core belief of Christians that the spiritual transformational ‘blood, sweat and tears’ has been done for them. Christians only have to believe and have faith. But I must ask, how can you have a smitten of compassion if you have never really suffered in a spiritual manner? This is the suffering of your choice; not the suffering of life that is out of our control.


The wisest and most compassionate are the ones that have learned from direct personal experience. I don’t think you would be very comfortable going to a heart surgeon who has never operated on a person’s heart. Why then do Christians accept blindly, religious leaders that have never had the direct personal experiences that Jesus had, such as repetitive bathings, questing in the wilderness, hands on healing of ‘cripples’ and other nature based spiritual experiences. Oh, that’s right, he was God and we’re just sinful humans!


Christianity is a religion of faith. It is also a religion of the mind and the book, nothing more - nothing less. But it is not an all inclusive religion of the body, mind and spirit. It lacks the spirit of transformation only giving the illusion of spirituality.


Critics will throw water on this fiery statement, but think about it. Spiritual experiences do not disregard the body at the expense of the mind. And spiritual experiences are not to be found within the book: i.e. the Bible. And very seldom are they found within a human-made structure: i.e. a church. Nature, and the experiences outside of our self, is our key to the spirit, to a pure mind and to a pure heart. Nature is always in the present moment but our minds seldom are as they have a tendency to alternate between the past and the future. And the past is many times filled with judgments and unresolved woundings and issues, while the future tends to thunder with our fears, uncertainties and doubts.


To transform a weakened mind, into a strong and pure one, with only the mind and without the participation of the body, is at the very least, a difficult task and sometimes it is impossible. The point that I am making is that in my opinion, to base your whole spiritual and religious life on a lie, on a book and on faith, is the height of stupidity and foolishness. By-pass the book and the faith; get out into nature and listen, sit by a stream and look within the heart of nature and your heart—herein lies the spiritual experiences of life. This is worth more to your soul’s evolution than what the ‘Book’ could ever provide for you.