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The Greatest Lie Ever Told

 (The following is excerpted from Dr. Husfelt’s forthcoming book The Greatest Lie Ever Told - a Manifesto for a Religious Revolution and a New Consciousness)

“There is not a sentence concerning Jesus in the entire New Testament composed by anyone who ever had met

the unwilling King of the Jews.”[i]


The ‘greatest lie ever told’ was pure and simple: the propaganda that Jesus was exclusively Divine—God’s son. Christianity is based on this lie that Jesus, as the one and only divine one, was the actual Son of God.

Christianity’s primary dogma and doctrine states that Jesus was God’s son who incarnated on earth, and as the Savior, gave up his life to cleanse all others of sin—Original Sin. According to the Church, Jesus (the Son) along with his Father (God) and the Holy Spirit, unite in form as the Trinitarian Godhead of Christianity.

This lie was a cover-up for Jesus’ true message, which was about self and other. One brief example is Jesus’ teaching to do unto others as you would have them do unto you (‘natural law’). Christianity’s lie was totally opposite of what Jesus stood for and what he taught and yes, even lived. The lie made him the only divine one, the Son of God, and corrupted his true message that the angelic spark (divineness) or spirit of God was within all things, which comes down to us today as the teaching of the ‘kingdom within.’

There has been evidence unearthed by Michael Baigent called the “Jesus papers.” Michael was one of the authors of Holy Blood, Holy Grail and in his newest book, The Jesus Papers, Exposing the Greatest Cover-Up in History, he relates his meeting with an Israeli who he didn’t name but referred to as “my friend.” It seems that this Israeli was in the possession of papyrus texts, the so-called “Jesus papers.”

These “were two Aramaic letters written to the Jewish court, the Sanhedrin. The writer… called himself bani meshiha—the Messiah of the Children of Israel.

This figure, the Messiah of the Children of Israel, was defending himself against a charge made by the Sanhedrin—he had obviously been accused of calling himself ‘son of God’ and had been challenged to defend himself against this charge. In the first letter, the messiah explained that what he meant was not that he was ‘God’ but that the ‘Spirit of God’ was in him—not that he was physically the son of God but rather that he was spiritually an adopted son of God. And he added that everyone who felt similarly filled with the ‘spirit’ was also a ‘son of God.’

In other words, the messiah—who must be the teacher we know as Jesus—explicitly states in these letters that he is not divine—or at any rate, no more than anyone else. This, we can be sure, is something the Vatican would not like to be made public.”[ii]

Knowledge is power. In addition, I believe that knowledge and experience result in wisdom and truth—“… know the truth and the truth will set you free.” (John 8:32) Blindly believing, in my opinion, does not set you free but only imprisons you in a fortress of lies. Knowledge is freedom, choice and movement, while ignorance is imprisonment and stagnation. Rev. Dr. J. Clifford profoundly put it this way, “It is not the truth that suffers from the most searching investigation; they suffer who will not undertake it; and who would hinder others from seeking it.”[iii]

I am ever amazed at the religious ignorance of people, especially supposedly well educated people. This ignorance is purely intellectual. It does not even take into account spiritual ignorance. An ignorance based on self separate from others—others being not only human but all natural things of the earth and the heavens. An angel may be tapping you on the shoulder; but if your awareness is on an ego-centric self, then you’ll miss a golden opportunity to receive knowledge from spirit.

Religious ignorance propagates a religion such as Christianity, which is solely based on Faith. To believe and not to question or to turn a blind eye because you are too busy working and consuming, allows destructive paradigms to birth and to flourish. Unjust wars, dictatorships and destructive religions are just some of the results of this ignorance.

Seek and question and truth may be revealed. With a little research we may discover a glimpse of Jesus’ true message. Partially, this is revealed in various writings that were concealed and thus never saw the light of day in what became known as the New Testament of Christianity. The following is excerpted from a sermon by a United Methodist Minster, Toni Cook:


… Matthew, Mark, Luke and John weren’t the only Gospels used by the ancient church. It is estimated that there were hundreds of other gospels and accounts of Jesus’ life and teachings.


One of those is the Gospel of Thomas, which was written around 90 C.E. It is one of the oldest gospels in existence. It is a collection of Jesus’ sayings probably used by Jewish Christians living in Eastern Syria… Thomas provides us with new ways of hearing some of the familiar sayings of Jesus, and gives us other sayings and parables with radically different slants than those in the Bible. Thomas says we have come from the Light, that divinity shines within us all….


... Professor Elaine Pagels, in her wonderful new book Beyond Belief, asserts that the Gospel of Thomas was a direct threat to the exclusive divinity of Jesus proclaimed by the Gospel of John. “John says that we can experience God only through the divine light embodied in Jesus. But...Thomas’ gospel (says)...that the divine light Jesus embodied is shared by humanity...that the image of God is hidden within everyone.”[iv]

In addition, there were many tentacles to support and justify the original lie. For example, the virgin birth of Jesus was another lie promoted by the Church. This supposedly occurred at the time of the Winter Solstice (by the Julian calendar December 25), which was the indigenous Roman Celebration and Rite of Saturnian. The Church of Rome not only wanted the people to spend money on their celebration not the pagan Saturnian, but also wanted to convert people to their ‘new religion.’ 

To this day a virgin birth, a birth not mythological or symbolic, still defies reason, logic and the natural laws of Creation. But the lie of the virgin birth of Jesus, helped to recruit new converts to the “one and only” true religion, promoting “Jesus as God.”

If we probe even further, we discover the Roman Catholic Church’s adoption of legends that pertained to various other religions’ mythic Saviors to Jesus’ life. The Church, however, claimed these happenings of birth and life not in mythical terms but solely as truth and reality.

The bottom line is that the greatest lie in the history of humanity has been the one voiced by Paul and Christianity (birthed by the Roman Catholic Church) that transformed Jesus’ social, spiritual and religious teachings and practices into a religion that was exclusively one of ‘faith’ and worship. This resulted in his exclusive divinity and the ‘redeeming faith and worship’ of the Lord Jesus Christ—Son of God as revealed by the following belief:


We have all sinned and deserve God's judgment. God, the Father, sent His only Son to satisfy that judgment for those who believe in Him. Jesus, the creator and eternal Son of God, who lived a sinless life, loves us so much that He died for our sins, taking the punishment that we deserve, was buried, and rose from the dead according to the Bible. If you truly believe and trust this in your heart, receiving Jesus alone as your Savior, declaring, "Jesus is Lord," you will be saved from judgment and spend eternity with God in heaven.[v]


If all I have to do is declare that Jesus is Savior and Lord and then I will be spared punishment and spend eternity with God in heaven (even though I have caused many people pain and suffering), then sign me up. This also means that I can cause more pain and suffering and it doesn’t matter as long as I keep believing Jesus is Savior and Lord and keep receiving Jesus in my heart. For a fearful person filled with guilt and shame with little personal power, or for a selfish person only concerned about themselves and not others or the greater well-being of the earth, this would be a perfect religion.

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