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The Beast Within

The Beast Within - The Jekyll and Hyde Syndrome

Jesus said: "Blessed is the lion which the man eats and the lion will become man; and cursed is the man whom the lion eats and the lion will become man." (The Gospel of Thomas)
Saint or sinner; pillar of the community or monster? From Penn State’s Joe Paterno and Jerry Sandusky to Herman Cain, society assigns labels. Jerry Sandusky has been indicted by a grand jury in Pennsylvania as a predator, while others point to all the kids who were helped through his charity, The Second Mile. And then there is the law. Paterno, McQueary, and others at Penn State stand behind the shield of the letter of the law ignoring their responsibility under Natural Law.  
Found within our Constitution and championed by Thomas Jefferson, Natural Law is based on a belief in the inherent natural altruistic law of the Creator that is found within each person. It is based on doing what is best for the wellbeing of others and all things of the earth. It is not generated by a society but is derived and flows from each and every individual person’s natural altruistic spirit. Thomas Jefferson even justified the Revolutionary War by appealing to “the law of nature and Nature’s God.”
Natural laws have their foundation in compassionate and loving action between our self and others such as love your neighbor as yourself. These actions may ‘awaken’ us to the divineness of others and ourselves as well as the humanness of life. When we have a knowing within our heart that we have star-light, a ‘spark of creation’ within us and a knowing that others do also, we are then able to truly ‘love our neighbor,’ to forgive and have compassion for others. This is the heart knowledge of the oneness of life and the heart knowledge of the humanness, the joy as well as the suffering of life. We understand our own self and we understand others. This is true empathy and compassion. Sadly enough, Natural Law is little known and little practiced as witnessed by the affairs at Penn State.
If Paterno knew about Sandusky’s deviant behavior for possibly a decade or more, how could he have kept silent? The answers to these questions and many others are rooted in the story of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and the ancient concept: “The Beast Within.” This is an inner quality that is intimately connected with our human issues of safety, security, survival and sex. We humans have a fierceness and ferociousness within ourselves—the beast within. Our inner beast is not, in itself, a positive or a negative quality; it is an important aspect of our total self. One way to think of it is as the sum total of our strength, will power and sexual potency. These are important qualities which we need in our lives in order to be fully human, fully healthy and fully energetic.
However, these qualities, and others, may be turned negative through madness, extreme anger or rage, substance abuse, revenge, envy, hate, jealousy, and fear. Add to this list the issues of power, greed and control over others. 
It is the “beast within” ignored or turned negative that is the root cause of the seemingly ever-present abuse issues found within all levels and stratums of society. Abuse is not solely limited to physical actions. The untamed beast is literally ignorance running rampant. Ignorance is not to be equated to education or intelligence but to a solely materialistic dualistic view of life, which results in a spiritually un-awakened consciousness. This ignorance then inflates and protects the ego’s sense of self survival resulting in arrogance and arrogant behavior. This arrogance feeds the untamed beast. This is the arrogance that turns a blind eye to all forms of sexual abuse.
The beast, many times portrayed as a lion, wants to constantly feed its source of power. There is even a term and title for the most ravenous and power hungry—lionized. Particularly, the beast is the source of dysfunctional sexual behavior. This is not sexual issues that the church rules as dysfunctional such as homosexuality, but the sexual dysfunction that harms another individual such as pedophilia, rape and incest, or the manipulation of another through sex for power, control or influence.
It is important to understand; that the beast lies within each of us no matter what sex we are. As much as we may want to deny our beast within, we cannot as doing so would be denying our own source of physical strength and potency which relies on the sexual energetic force known as testosterone.
This is an important hormone and is made in large amounts by the testicles of men. But testosterone is solely not limited to men. Women produce testosterone in their ovaries. However, it is only about one tenth of what a male produces just as a male produces a small amount of the female hormone estrogen. Additionally, both men and women produce a small amount of testosterone in their adrenal glands which are the source of our fight/flight mechanism.
Testosterone plays an important role for both men and women. It affects the bone and muscle mass, fat distribution, the vascular system, energy levels, genital tissues, and sexual functioning. Interestingly enough, it also affects the brain. 
Denying the “beast within” allows it de facto permission to run wild in our spirits and in the process, feeding and perpetrating a wasteland within us and outside us. The Roman Catholic Church is guilty of this denial and look at how their denial has manifested into the world – vulnerable children abused. And it seems that in 2011, we can add Penn State and its money-making football program—ironically named the Nittany Lions. Turning a blind eye to the sexual abuse of children means that an individual is more concerned with their status and power and possibly wealth than protecting the innocent. 
A disgraceful, dishonorable and morally reprehensible example of the untamed beast within was portrayed according to the Grand Jury transcript by the actions, or is that the inaction, of Mike McQueary. Ironically, the same inner power of McQueary’s beast could have physically stopped the alleged rape of the child by Sandusky. Instead, he did the minimum required by law.    
The power is within us to be either altruistic or selfish and self-seeking. And our greatest power is love. Love conquers all; even the king of the beasts. We need to have the courage and inner strength to face our own inner beast and to tame and awaken it through love. This will awaken our altruistic power. In this way we achieve the strength and will power of the lion to be utilized as altruistic strength, divine will power and altruistic sexual potency in our journey of life. These qualities are based on love; not on fear, control, manipulation or revenge.  
When we recognize and accept our primal nature we liberate and transform ourselves through love achieving the ability to know when to let our lion roar, when to let it be silent and when to ‘unleash’ its power. We still possess the ‘power of the beast’ but it is tamed and will work for our own benefit and the benefit of others without creating harm. Our “best within” will work for the benefit of the earth and humanity. 
Additionally, taming our beast within awakens within us what was before dormant—the inherent natural altruistic law of the Creator: Natural Law. Metaphorically, our lion, now tamed, has lain down with the lamb.

And one last note. When we pass-over, physically die, our soul takes the sum total of our life—our actions and inactions back to heaven. All material things, all money and all possessions, are left behind. Titles and status are no more. A quote from the movie Gladiator puts this all in perspective: “What we do in life echoes in eternity.”

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