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Son of God Son of Man

Jesus taught that there is nothing that is covered that will not be uncovered or hidden that will not be revealed. But sometimes the obvious is not so apparent. The ‘son of man’ and the ‘son of God’ sayings of Jesus have perplexed scholars for centuries. A multitude of explanations have been presented.

However, Jesus was speaking from personal experience as well as from oral teachings that had been handed down since the time of Moses. His ‘son of man’ and the ‘son of God’ personal statements were based on his own firsthand spiritual experience—his descending spirit experience while bathing in the Jordan. The descent of the dove into Jesus, symbolic of the holy spirit, was a reference to non-dualistic interpenetration—spirit interpenetrating matter. This was his awakening and the formal beginning of his quest to bring his message of the divine in all things to all people of the world.

But without firsthand experience of the interpenetration of the divine and human how would you truly know the meaning of these statements. You could only base your explanation for his seemingly contradictory pronouncements on secondhand knowledge. However, common sense, my knowing and my firsthand experience of non-dualistic interpenetration gives me an understanding of their meanings: ‘son of God’ – Divine; ‘son of man’ – Humanity. This was the original message of Jesus that had also been handed down from the time of Moses—we are each a ‘son of God’ and a ‘son of man.’ We are Divine Humans.

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