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Self and Other

(The following is excerpted from Dr. Husfelt’s forthcoming book The Greatest Lie Ever Told - a Manifesto for a Religious Revolution and a New Consciousness)

The key to a peaceful and fulfilled life, one that will result in happiness, love and power, is to be found in the relationship of ‘self to self’ and ‘self to others’—others including the world at large; animals, etc. This was the true message of Jesus—a new ‘way,’ a new ‘path’ partially based on the ‘original way’ of Moses. This new path was a radical new view of consciousness—the relationship of self to other. And other is not solely limited to human beings but includes the natural world of the earth and all of its creatures and the sun and moon and the stars above.

This new way was a difficult path to follow. There were no rules to follow only guidelines: do unto others as you would want them to do unto you. To teach this pathway, and to totally trust in it, required Jesus to believe in the inner divine spark and the way of natural law—the inherent natural altruistic spirit of God that lies dormant within human beings until awakened. This would explain his vehement opposition to the priestly cabal and their rules.

Rules are black and white—dualistic and are the standby of, and loved by, institutional paradigms. Jesus did not bring an institutional paradigm but a paradigm of consciousness that favored all humans and all the creatures of the earth over finite human-made institutions that favored only themselves; not the people, not the earth. How ironic it turns out to be that within a few hundred years after Jesus had passed-over, the Roman Church, in an act of egotistical power, took his ground-breaking message and corrupted it and changed it into a dogma that recognized, not a relationship of ‘self’ to ‘others,’ but a relationship that was solely based on all ‘others’ to Jesus.

Of course, ‘others’ are only the Christian faithful. Jews and non-believers are not included in this category of ‘others’—nor is nature. Talk about a separation paradigm… any other design in today’s world would be hard pressed to cause more separation than this core belief of Christianity. This is the dogma of Christianity, which has caused and still causes, undue pain and suffering throughout the world.

It is easy to follow some type of dogmatic paradigm that requires no transformation of self—no ultimate self-responsibility. But on the other hand, if I teach to others my belief that each one of us is divine, as well as all other things in creation, and then go on to state that each thing has an unique intrinsic identity, how easy would it be, or how hard would it be to follow this and to also live this message? It puts the responsibility and the conducting of our lives on our own self—the responsibility is ours—no one else for us to look to or to blame for our life. It is up to each of us to do the right thing and conduct right action. This type of teaching and message is solely about self and others and not about rules and regulations.

This is what Jesus taught. His teachings emphasized love, which unites, over fear, which separates. Love and forgiveness begins with self and then expands out to others. This was, and still is, the mystery of transformed consciousness—the mysteries of our ‘kingdom within;’ the mystery of ‘self’ and ‘other.’