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Divine Humanity—a Green Religion

There is one key element and one very important concept that permeate the belief and philosophy of indigenous cultures and Divine Humanity. This is the belief in the importance of nature; not the dominance and/or stewardship of it as believed by the Christian Religion, but a partnership and an oneness with nature—a nature that is divine, alive, conscious and responsive. Nature is the holy grail of healing and the secret to the maintenance of wholeness and wellness for all individuals, communities and nations. Nature is without a doubt Kulana Huli Honua.[i] 

Humanity in partnership with nature is essential for the survival and the renewal of the human race. In addition, an oneness with nature is primary in awakening and ascension. Nature in partnership is one of the hallmarks of Divine Humanity. It acknowledges the equality and divinity of nature and the realization that humanity is not above nature, as a steward, or below nature, at the mercy of it, but is one with nature and in partnership with the earth in co-creating a paradisiacal state of life, for all life.

The Church, Science, Capitalism and our consumer society have supported and encouraged the superiority of humanity over nature. In their self-serving views, they have promoted a separation paradigm as proper, biblical, justifiable and necessary for the progress of the human race.

In their arrogance, they have basically stirred up a hornet’s nest. In their egotistical self-importance, they say: global climate change—so what, as long as the few can greedily increase their wealth at the expense of the poor and the earth. The masses, being the masses, follow as sheep being led to the crumbling edge of an unstable mountainous cliff.   

Earth in Crisis

In the light of the past and the present unbridled destruction of the earth’s biosphere, it is essential for all people to acknowledge that nature is divine—a living existence in which everything has life and consciousness shared in common with all human beings. This is a
partnership with nature not a stewardship of nature.

However, in today’s world there is only stewardship, which has lead to the unbridled ‘raping’ of the earth for one thing and one thing only—the capitalists’ bottom-line. Capitalism as the prevailing economic and social paradigm has created an earth crisis. Individuals, corporations and the governments that bow down to capitalism have caused massive destruction to the unique biosphere of our planet, all in the name of profit and greed. The gluttonous appetite of consumerism, all feed by the illusionary sirens song of capitalism, has destroyed the natural balance of the earth and its creatures. Climate change is not some distant threat but a present reality.

Herein lays the environmental problem of today’s world. A social/economic paradigm based on the bottom line. Capitalist belief, feed by corporate egos, demands the sacrifice of innocent people, the earth and its creatures. The earth’s biosphere has been systematically robbed of its resources as capitalistic thought turns a blind eye to the greater good for the earth. And why would it not, when its prime directive is profit at any and all costs?

Over consumption equates the over-use of resources. This upsets the natural balance of life. And for Americans, ‘large size’ is a ‘god-given’ gospel. Bigger breasts are encouraged through a patriarchal advertising industry dominated by materialistic elites pushing and promoting a false body and life-style image. The external ‘god of enormity’ reigns supreme—homes and vehicles larger than necessary, but, of course, such things proclaim the success and worthiness of their owners.

For natures ‘bottom-line,’ these beliefs and practices have resulted and still result in the needless destruction of the paradise that we all have been given.

[i] Hawaiian meaning ’foundation for seeking wisdom’