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(The following is excerpted from Dr. Husfelt’s forthcoming book The Greatest Lie Ever Told - a Manifesto for a Religious Revolution and a New Consciousness)

Oneness means that the world of physical phenomena is non-dual with the Divine Realm. One of the best ways to realize this philosophy is by working with the elements. Divine Humanity prescribes to not four or five, but to six elements. The six are: earth, water, fire, air, space and consciousness. Divine Humanity believes that all things of creation have consciousness, which interpenetrates the other five elements. These five elements are physical as well as metaphysical: i.e. water = water, emotions = water; fire = fire, spirit = fire. 

There is a carved inscription at the Villa Palombara in Rome that reads: “He who knows how to burn by water and to wash by Fire, makes Heaven out of Earth and precious Earth out of Heaven” In cryptic terms, this is a teaching of oneness—the interpenetration of Heaven and Earth. Most researchers will identify this statement as a theorem of alchemy during the Middle Ages. I, on the other hand, would date it much further back in time; possibly as far back as thousands of years ago. 

In the New Testament, we find the words: “baptize with the Holy Spirit and with Fire.” We once again discover the veiled reference to oneness. But what does all of this mean? How can we wash with fire and burn with water? What is it to be baptized with spirit and with fire? Again Christian religious leaders, whether they be ministers, priests or bishops, answer these questions in theological terms, future orientated events and/or faith issues. But how else could they answer these questions. If you have never seen or eaten an apple, how could you actually describe its form and color and its taste?   

If you have never put your hands in fire and not have them burnt and never submerged yourself in a cold running stream and felt the icy-fire rushing through you, how would you even come close to understanding the hidden meanings of these veiled teachings? You wouldn’t; all you could do is relay on faith and discursive linear thinking. Of course, you wouldn’t have to prove your interpretations of the meanings since the Bible is the ‘word of God.’ But then again Socrates put written words, supposedly God inspired or not, into proper perspective when he “compared written doctrines to pictures of animals which resemble life, but which when you question them can give you no replay.”[i]

There is no separation between the divine realm—the Otherworld and the material realm—the Earth; they both interpenetrate. The awareness of this interpenetration of the two realms is most evident near flowing waters such as mountain streams and rivers. It is here where the illusionary veil of separation may be dropped to reveal the oneness of life through bathing. The first time that we step into the stream to submerge, die and be reborn may be an apocalyptic experience that literally has the potentiality of being a volcanic implosion of our soul—an unveiling and purification of our heart/mind.

But for the majority of the time, our conscious focus and awareness are only on the material realm even though we are in the divine realm as well. This is one of the reasons why Divine Humanity does not believe in sequestering ourselves away in so-called religious ‘cages’—such as a monastery or the Vatican. This is an artificial and illusionary state of being done more for power and control than personal transformation. It also provides a physical and visual form of legitimacy for their religious ‘badge’—authority. Add in the ‘dresses’ and collars of Catholic priests and you have achieved a statement of separation from the masses and identified yourself as the mouthpiece of God.

The key to the gateway of the Kingdom of Heaven and the Realm of the Earth is to be found by fully participating in the totality of life by weeding our fields and sowing and harvesting the precious flowers and jewels of our earthly garden paradise. When we realize and keep in mind that all things have a consciousness, not just humans, and that the elements that compose life are metaphysical as well as physical, we gradually break down the illusion of separateness between ourselves and our garden paradise. This results in peacefulness, benevolentness and compassion for all other things. The moth is you and you are the moth, the cat is you and you are the cat, the tree is you and you are the tree. I Am That….

This transformation of consciousness results in joy, happiness and tranquility of the mind. We are no longer scared frightened children hiding and protecting and hoarding on our own personal island of fear against all things that are seemingly different and separate from us. Our island of fear dissolves and we realize the garden that has always been there for us where all things are one with each other.

However, we have to be careful not to let five things interfere with this transformation of consciousness and the tranquility of our mind. These are desire, anger, ignorance, doubt and false views. Desire is the attachment to materialistic and pleasant things, anger that causes wrath defined as fiercely resentful anger and vengeance motivated by anger, ignorance as well as pride and arrogance where we feel we are superior to others and all other things, doubt which cannot distinguish between delusion and enlightenment and cause and effect, and false views that believe in the doctrine and dogma of dualistic paradigms such as the Church. 

[i] W. Winwood Reade, The Veil of Isis, p. 64