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One Earth Church of Divine Humanity


One Earth Church of Divine Humanity

The pure religion of Divine Humanity is based on two foundational principles: Divine Spark of Interpenetrative Non-Duality or Oneness and Suchness and Natural Law.

  1. Divine Spark and Interpenetrative Non-Duality: This religious truth is first recorded in the Bible with Moses’ divine experience of the ‘burning bush.’

    It is recorded in the Torah that Moses was tending sheep for his father-in-law, Jethro—the priest/shaman of Midian. It was while Moses was herding his flock when he wandered off the path and discovered the truth of existence: "The angel of the Lord appeared to him in a blazing fire from the midst of a bush; and he looked, and behold, the bush was burning with fire, yet the bush was not consumed" (Exodus 3:2). This was his experience of interpenetrative non-duality or oneness on Mount Horeb.

    This is the earliest recorded religious verification and proof of the divine spark within and non-dualistic interpenetration reality, both being the foundational beliefs of the wisdom religion of Divine Humanity. This egalitarian religion of Divine Humanity is based on the concept of non-differentiating knowledge. This is the knowledge that fuses into non-duality all dichotomies such as subject and object.   

    Moses’ “eyes had been trained to see beyond the obvious, to look for allusion in all illusion, to discover meaning in all subtlety, mystery in all conspicuousness, sacredness in all mundaneness. And so he looked not at a bush engulfed in flames but at a bush and at a fire dancing their separateness in unison. He saw both their distinctiveness and their oneness. And in that way of perceiving, the Spirit that harmonizes all opposites spoke to all of him, to Moses the finite person and to Moses the infinite spirit: ‘And the Creator called to him from within the bush, and said ‘Moses, Moses!’”

  2. Natural Law: This second foundational principle is also recorded in the Bible: “I will put my law within them, and I will write it on their hearts….” (Jeremiah 31.33). Natural Law is also a founding principle of the Declaration of Independence—a principle put forth and emphasized by Thomas Jefferson.

    Ex Uno Plures—out of One (Absolute), many (Relative). E pluribus unum—out of many (Relative), One (Absolute). ‘Natural law’ is based on a belief in the inherent natural altruistic law of God that is found within each person. This ‘natural law’ flows from the divinity within each individual but lies dormant until awakened by each person. This is the true ‘holy law’ of Moses, the bases for the teachings and the message of Jesus and a foundational belief of Divine Humanity.

Two Principle Ceremonies of the One Earth Church of Divine Humanity 

The two primary ceremonial practices of the One Earth church are Burnings (Feeding the Spirits) and Bathings (Submersion Baptism). Burnings are recorded in the Bible as ‘burnt offerings’ and extend as far back as the Ancient Egyptians. Bathings are recorded in the Bible with the most commonly known one being Jesus’ submersion bathing in the Jordan River. There are no fees for these ceremonies but donations are accepted.

  1. Burnings: The funeral custom is almost universal for the mortuary meal to be made to feed the spirits of the departed, and communion with the ancestral spirits was an object of the totemic eucharist.  The sacrifices offered to the dead, the burial rites and funerary ceremonies, generally imply the existence of a living consciousness to which the piteous appeal was made. (Gerald Massey, Ancient Egypt, p. 159)

    The religious custom of feeding the spirits was recorded in Greek myth during Herakles’ last labour when he decided to give thanks to the dead by sacrificing one of Hades cattle.

    The following is excerpted from The Greatest Lie Ever Told: The burning is always scheduled at dusk but requires a great deal of preparation. The correct food and drink must be bought and then cooked properly. It was important that we feed the proper food to the spirits. There were certain foods that were kapu or in mainland language, taboo. Sherry cooks and prepares the food for the various ‘spirit groups’ that we are feeding such as the ancestors and the forgotten ones. The foods presented need to be appropriate for the culture. Thus, some of the foods that she was preparing included taro, sweet potato, ulu - breadfruit and a white and red fish.

    While the food and plates were being prepared, a ‘table’ for the plates must be built in a proper manner. This was my responsibility while Sherry was cooking. There are no deviations to this most ancient of ceremonies. Burnings are very stressful and are not something that we look forward to conducting. But we still do it as it is one of the services that we provide, of course without payment, for the greater well-being of the earth and humanity.

  2. Bathings: The original form of baptism was full water immersion that may be referred to as bathing. It was usually conducted in living waters (running stream/river). “Baptism is one of the oldest rites and was practiced by all nations in their Mysteries, as sacred ablutions.”[i] Bathing was not a Christian baptism performed for salvation. It was full water immersion conducted for sanctification and did not invoke the ritualistic saying of “Father, Son and Holy Ghost:” True baptism is ritualistic immersion for purification not for membership in a religion. Bathing allows us to experience in our body/mind continuum a transformation of consciousness through a symbolic experience of death and re-birth. Baptism/bathing is one of the primary ceremonial rites of Divine Humanity. However, it is not a religious requirement of Divine Humanity.

In addition, the rite of spiritual healing is available. There is no fee; donations are acceptable. Spiritual counseling is also available at a sliding scale of $50 - $100/hour. The One Earth Church also sponsors Spritual/Religious Sacred Journeys.  

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