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Interpenetrating Radical Non-duality—Oneness


Divine Humanity is based on the religious philosophy of Interpenetrating Radical Non-duality. This is not a belief but a knowing as I have experienced this reality. I tell about my experience in Chapter 16 of The Greatest Lie Ever Told under The Exorcist that came to the Sacred Mountain to Find Me.

Dualism and Nondualism:

“Nondualism may be viewed as the understanding or belief that dualism or dichotomy are illusory phenomena. Examples of dualisms include self/other, mind/body, male/female, good/evil, active/passive, dualism/nondualism and many others. It is accessible as a belief, theory, condition, as part of a tradition, as a practice, or as the quality of union with reality.

A nondual philosophical or religious perspective or theory maintains that there is no fundamental distinction between mind and matter, or that the entire phenomenological world is an illusion (with reality being described variously as the Void, the Is, Emptiness, the mind of God, Atman or Brahman).

Many traditions (generally originating in Asia) state that the true condition or nature of reality is nondualistic, and that these dichotomies are either unreal or (at best) inaccurate conveniences.”[i]

Interpenetrating Radical Non-duality—Oneness: 

There is no separation between the Absolute and the Relative, between dark and light, spirit and matter or between mind and body. The most profound and essential nature of things is not distinct from the things recognizable by our senses. In other words, our sacred self and our profane self are non-dual and interpenetrate; likewise all other sentient beings’ (things’) sacred identity and profane identity are non-dual and interpenetrate. In addition, enlightenment may be achieved just as we are in body and mind as delusion and Awakening are non-dual.

Divine Humanity is based on the concept of non-differentiating knowledge. This is the knowledge that fuses into non-duality all dichotomies such as subject and object. In other words, Divine Humanity is not based on dualism.[ii] Its foundation is interpenetrating radical non-duality—Oneness.

[ii] In theology, the concept that the world is controlled by two opposing forces, i.e., good and bad, God and Satan. In Philosophy the idea that the world consists of two main components: thought and matter. (

Philosophical belief that reality is essentially divided into two distinct kinds of stuff. Typically mind and body or the related pair, spirit and matter. One concept in each pair is often deemed superior to the other. ( 

A form of binary thinking that divides the world into good versus evil with no middle ground tolerated. ( 

Simplistic concept that all issues can be divided into either/or states such as good/bad, right/wrong, determinable/indeterminable. ( 

The three major western religions, Judaism, Christianity and Islam are based on the separation philosophy of dualism with Christianity emphasizing the dualism represented by God and Satan; good verses evil.


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