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FirstHand Religious Experience

My religious experiences have been firsthand. This is a term coined by William James in his classic book The Varieties of Religious Experience that refers to ‘religious geniuses’ direct experience of the realities of the unseen world.[i] This is in direct opposition to secondhand religion that people acquire through tradition.

Here is a fact: the majority of religious writers, scholars, priests, ministers, rabbis and other religious leaders of our day are secondhand mouthpieces and not teachers or students of what I would call nature’s truths of God’s reflection, sanctification practices and/or indigenous shamanic teachings and practices such as the death and re-birth ceremonial ritual of bathing. But, Jesus was and I am.

In addition to my vision, which I recount on this site in Who Am I to Call for a Revolution and in Chapter One of The Greatest Lie Ever Told, I have been honored and recognized by Otherworldly spiritual powers—angels—and have journeyed to all parts of the world to directly experience the mysteries of heaven and earth. I have experienced the descent of a spirit just as “Jesus experienced the descent of a spirit upon him—the experience that made a man a magician.”[ii] An esoteric priest on a sacred mountaintop in Japan performed a descending spirit exorcism on me in 1987.[iii] This was a personal body and mind experience of interpenetrating non-duality.


[i] William James “finds the origin of belief in an ‘unseen’ world in the experience of ‘religious geniuses’ who experience firsthand the realities of which religion speaks, and carefully distinguishes this primal experience from what he calls ‘secondhand’ religion, the beliefs that people acquire through tradition….” 

[ii] Morton Smith’s Jesus the Magician, p.181 

[iii] I tell the story of my experience in Chapter 16 of The Greatest Lie Ever Told.


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