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Divine Humanity as Your Religion Part 2


Divine Humanity is not institutionalized or hierarchal. It is a pure religion in its purest sense. According to my definition of spirituality, Divine Humanity is also a religion of spirituality. It is a religion of heaven and earth and is all inclusive. You do not have to pass a hierarchal ‘gatekeeper’ to join, such as in the Christian Church through baptism. All that is needed is the acceptance of Divine Humanity as your belief and religion and the willingness to awaken your ‘spark’ within.


Therefore, the ‘Way’ of Divine Humanity is one of ‘Awakening the Spark’ within. This opens the gateway to the potentiality of Divinehood. The ‘Path’ of the ‘Way’ or the Pathway of Divine Humanity is a Fourfold Path—archetypically, it may be referred to as the Mandala of the Feathered Serpent or the Feathered Serpent Medicine Wheel.


The following is a more formal three step process to follow—Acceptance, Awakening and Ascension:




This means that you accept as a core belief that you believe that we are born pure, not sinful. In addition, all things in creation are divine, which means that all things have the divine ‘spark’ or metaphoric ‘sun’ within them. And all things of creation also have a unique intrinsic identity and worth. Divine (the spark/light) Humanity (unique intrinsic identity). Humanity refers not only to the human race but to all things of creation.


Moses’ vision/experience of the ‘burning bush’ (the bush that was not consumed) was a vision of divine humanity—burning was the divine, the ‘spark’ within, and the bush, as just a bush, was the unique intrinsic identity; what I refer to as humanity meaning all things in creation.


In addition, Divine Humanity believes in the Oneness of all things and that all things have consciousness. In other words, dualism and separation is an illusion; the reality is a radical non-dualistic interpenetrating unity of creation, which Divine Humanity refers to as Oneness.


Simply put, we each are divine: we each are an intrinsic unique individual: and we are all connected in a consciousness and oneness of existence. As are all other things of creation.

It is not necessary or required, but it may be best for you to conduct an actual personal acceptance ritual of your belief in Divine Humanity.  




Divine Humanity believes that each one of us has an immortal ‘spark’ (metaphorically a miniature sun) within us. We are each a sun of God. Even though we are divine as well as human beings, this divine ‘spark/light’ is not awakened automatically when we are born, or further more, does it awakened solely through outside influences as certain New Age authors and gurus preach that magically at the end of this Age, all will be elevated to a higher plane of being, a higher consciousness—all will be enlightened through an increase in the vibrational frequency—no war, no need for power or material possessions. It might sound good and easy but isn’t that also the message of the church—believe in us, have faith, pay us and you too will spend an eternity in heaven.


In my opinion, this doesn’t make common sense. A seed in nature does not automatically vibrate into a flower—it struggles to reach the light. It needs water, nurturance and ‘feeding’ to break through (the earth) and to develop into a beautiful flower, blooming perhaps for only a short period of time. Just like nature, awakening is not automatic. Awakening and Ascension are not quick fixes; Awakening and Ascension are a way of being—a life-journey to healing, love and oneness.


This requires self-responsibility and walking our talk. It means facing the symbolic death of our own ‘self’ and all the paradigms that are connected with it, such as 1st attention, then a re-birth of self, which will evidently lead to our Awakening.


Humans are divine as well as intrinsically unique in all facets—some may choose to fish and some may choose to build bombs. Still, our divinity is within our heart, but remains hidden. This is diametrically the opposite of Christianity where each individual is intrinsically sinful. If you are a Christian and have ‘faith’ in the dogma and doctrine, there is no way that you would believe in divineness within; much less would you attempt to awaken it and work towards Ascension and Divinehood. However, I believe that even though we may have an imperfect and corruptible body-mind, it is still perfect and pure in its imperfections, which allows us to achieve Divinehood now—in this body, in this lifetime.


If you believe in your internal light and pureness, then you must awaken this ‘sun.’ This is what I call the quickening of your Divinity; what Japanese Esoteric Buddhists call your Bodhicitta or awakening Mind. Are you ready to awaken?


Awakening occurs sometime between the South and the North Direction of Divine Humanity’s Transformational Pathway (archetypal known as the Feathered-Serpent Medicine Wheel). This Pathway is a Fourfold Path embracing Three Noble Expressions—the Three Pillars of Light and the Two Great Teachings.


The Fourfold Path is structured as an earth/heaven mandala or medicine wheel that is anchored in the ability to ‘let go’ or detach from the emotional, mental and physical enemies such as stupidity, ignorance, arrogance, guilt, anger and fear, the mental illusion of ego and the spiritual separation of self:


1.       The Path of Forgiveness in the South

2.       The Path of Divine Love in the West

3.       The Path of Peace and Harmony in the North

4.       The Path of Oneness in the East

5.       The Center—attainment of Divinehood


It is important to realize that there are many ‘paths’ up the symbolic mountain. Divine Humanity’s Pathway is only one. In the scheme of totality, it does not matter if you follow Divine Humanity’s Pathway or another one that speaks to you. Divine Humanity’s Pathway is only a guide. The goal is awakening; that is most important, not the path that took you to your awakening.




Divine Humanity believes in the attainment of Divinehood—Ascension in our present incarnation in both the body and mind, just as we are here and now, in our untransformed, impure and imperfect state. This Divinehood, as well as our Divinity, lies innate within each of us until awakened—this is the hidden Divine Nature—Sun of God - the Holy Grail.


We do not automatically awaken to our divinity and in the next breath attain Divinehood. It takes great effort, focus and difficult spiritual work. As a pure religion, Divine Humanity believes that it is possible to metaphorically ascend and achieve Divinehood or in an archetypal context—Feathered-Serpenthood..