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Conjunction of Jupiter and Venus


The Greek hero, Perseus, was the immaculately born son of princess Danae whose father, King Acrisius (king of Argos), locked her away from the world in an underground bronze chamber. Zeus penetrated into the bronze chamber of Danae through a hole in the ceiling (symbol of the pineal gland) and descended upon her as a golden shower.  Thus Perseus was conceived.  But why was the chamber bronze? Bronze is an amalgam of the metals tin and copper.  These two metals are esoteric symbols of the polarities - positive (tin, related to Jupiter) and negative (copper, related to Venus).   Bronze is created when the two polarities are brought together and bonded in purity.  This is the great secret knowledge of Alchemy by which Danae was able to conceive a divine child.  It is the very same secret behind the fiery bronze serpent that Moses raised in the desert to heal the Israelites (Numbers 21:9). It is the secret teaching behind the Star of Bethlehem that was a conjunction of Jupiter and Venus.

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