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According to the Merriam-Webster On-line Dictionary, bogeyman is defined as: “a monstrous imaginary figure used in threatening children; a terrifying or dreaded person or thing.” You may not be aware of it; but, the bogeyman is very much alive and doing extremely well in today’s world.


This bogeyman takes many guises and wears many faces. In fact, with a little stretch of the imagination, the bogeyman may be seen as the pre-dominate paradigm of our culture and of the 21st

Century—even though he has been hanging around for millennium causing fear and dread. And how do I know that this bogeyman is male? Read on and you will discover the answer.


This bogeyman is unique in its true identity: dualism. Bogeyman-dualism is nothing more than the separation dualistic beliefs and paradigms of humanity such as: God verses/opposes Satan, Good verses/opposes Evil and Light verses/opposes Dark. Even though the dualism is illusionary, the bogeyman makes you think that it’s real.


Bogeyman-Dualism feeds itself purely on the illusion of separation and the fear that the dualistic imagery provokes. It has been, and still is, very destructive to humanity’s efforts towards world peace on earth.


Fear is very effective in controlling others. And where there is separation such as Good versus Evil, there is fear. You may have already guessed that each and every institution and paradigm that bows down to Bogeyman-Dualism is dominated by patriarchal leadership. Thus, the reason, that the Bogeyman is the ‘man.’  


Pure and simple, Bogeyman-Dualism is utilized by various institutions such as Christianity to elicit fear for power and control and to justify their dogma, doctrine, laws, practices and policies.