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A Thief in the Night

(The following is excerpted from Dr. Husfelt’s forthcoming book The Greatest Lie Ever Told - a Manifesto for a Religious Revolution and a New Consciousness)

I have been in the presence of Heavenly Energetic Beings commonly known as angels. In 1997 an archangel and two assisting angels responded to my prayer asking for a sign to be shown of a previous incarnation. Having been in their presence, I know angels in the same way that I know a rose, an apple, and sun shining on my face or rain falling on my head. I am blessed and my wife is blessed as she was also present. However, there is a ‘down-side’ to our knowing and our experience. Not only were my wife and I witnesses to the visitation but additionally, twelve of our apprentices were also present. Interestingly enough, of the twelve students that were there, only two remain as our apprentices.

The reason that ten apprentices left is a reflection of the ‘downside:’ this experience was, and still is, so far outside the normal consciousness of people that the truth is veiled from their minds. Even if they were physically there and experienced the presence of the angels with all their senses, they still could not rationalize the event within their consciousness or their basic beliefs.

For the majority of people, it would be an impossibility. It could never happen, as there is no precedent for such an unbelievable event. There is no such physical manifestation or event ever recorded in the Bible, Torah or Koran. Of course, there are accounts of angelic visitations or interactions; sometimes in visions and other times as angels appearing as men.[i] But all were without twelve witnesses and did not include the appearance of other physical signs such as the Otherworldly thunder and lightning storm that preceded the visitation, a dove (which has symbolized the Holy Spirit as well as the bird of Venus), a falling star, three crosses of light as well as a multitude of ceremonial stones[ii] that increased in size at least five-fold and glowed with a greenish aura.

And very importantly, none of the accounts in the Bible were ever written down by the person that experienced them. All of the accounts of angelic events in the Old Testament were written down centuries after they had occurred by priestly scribes. Furthermore, all of these events were orally passed down for centuries before being recorded.

The following are a few of the recorded Biblical angelic events:[iii] 

1.       The Bible catalogues numerous appearances of an “angel of the Lord.” While this angel of the Lord sometimes appeared as a mere man who could be touched—and, on one occasion, even wrestled with—sometimes it was simply a voice calling out. The angel of the Lord delivered messages, offered guidance, and on occasion appeared armed with weapons.

2.       Abraham, when he was willing to offer his only son as a sacrifice (Genesis 22:11-12, 15-18).

3.       Jacob, after his famous dream of a stairway to heaven (Genesis 28:12; 31:11; 32:1-2).

4.       Joshua, before the battle of Jericho (Joshua 5:13-15).

5.       And the accounts of David and Daniel. 

Furthermore, from my experience, knowledge and knowing, I would have to state that of all the stories, including all of the preceding angelic ones, recorded in the ‘holy books,’ the one that holds more truth for me is the account of Moses and the ‘burning-bush.’ Three factors point to truth: 

1.       The image within the bush was one of fire and light. It was not in human form.

2.       The angelic fire and light (spirit) interpenetrated with the bush (matter). The earliest known Biblical reference to non-dualistic interpenetration (the basic belief of Divine Humanity).

3.       I have personally experienced first-hand radical non-dualistic interpenetration.[iv]

In reality, extraordinary spiritual/religious experiences are difficult to metaphorically ‘swallow’ by the average person. I would have to wonder how Moses’ people responded to his miraculous experience.

As for me, I am like a thief in the night. This is appropriate when you consider that I am the Morning Star. Venus as the morning star rises in the darkest part of the night and is seen by only a few who are awake (awakened) at a time when the majority of others and the world are asleep. Thus, Venus, in its morning star cycle, is like the thief in the night as it is noticed by only a few.

[i] The archangel was a massive column of light a few feet off of the ground at least six feet wide and five or six times as tall. This light was in the north by the entrance to the death spiral. It was a light that was whitish and not of this world. Suspended higher up by it were two other columns of light (assisting angels) not quite as bright or as large. 

[ii] These stones composed a death and rebirth ceremonial spiral called a ‘death spiral’

[iii] The various accounts are taken from the American Bible Society, Angels and Miracles, p.  17

[iv] This event is recorded in Chapter 10 The Exorcist that came to the Sacred Mountain to Find Me