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A Spiritual Philosophy



The foundational beliefs and principles of Divine Humanity are the belief in the divine spark within and the interpenetrating non-duality (Oneness) and the consciousness of all things in and of creation and Natural Law.


The belief in a reality greater than the individual, which will then lead to an exploration of the transcendent mysteries (un-seen/otherworldly/sacred) of life and creation. A person may be spiritual without having any connection with or any allegiance to organized religion. (Individual practice)

A  Spiritual Philosophy

  • Divine Humanity is a spiritual philosophy that attempts to understand and explain the mysteries of life and creation.
  • It is based on first knowledge or first principles. It is not solely based on earth knowledge such as earth-based philosophies/religions or is it solely based on the heavens such as Organized Religion.
  • Divine Humanity is based on both the earth and the heavens and is experiential and transformational in content.

A Green Philosophy and Religion

Divine Humanity recognizes the divine in nature and the sacredness of all living things. It acknowledges the equality and divinity of nature. Humanity is not above nature, as a steward; nor below nature, at the mercy of it. Humanity is one with nature and in partnership with the earth in co-creating a paradisiacal state of life, for all life.

The Divine Spark

  • Divine Humanity believes that each and every person has an immortal ‘spark’ within them. This is our sacred self.
  • This starlight that we have within us needs to be awaken, to grow and to be brought to the surface and nourished until its radiance suffuses the world.
  • In so doing our relationship to ourselves and to all other things of the world is transformed from being based on fear to being based on love.

In All Things

This immortal ‘spark,’ is within all things of Creation—all sentient beings (all existences such as flowers, dogs, trees, whales, worms and stars) throughout the universe. This is their sacred identity.

Unique Intrinsic Identity

  • Every human being is unique with an intrinsic worth and identity. This is our profane self.
  • Every flower, every tree and every animal (all sentient things of Creation) are unique with their own intrinsic worth and identity. This is their profane identity. 


  • Divine Humanity is not based on Dualism.
  • It’s foundation is interpenetrating non-duality—Oneness.
  • There is no separation between the Absolute and the Relative.
  • Our sacred self and our profane self are non-dual and interpenetrate; as well, all other sentient beings’ sacred identity and profane identity are non-dual and interpenetrate.
  • This is true Oneness.

New Consciousness

  • Life is not about ‘sin’ or ‘guilt.’
  • Life is about Awakening.
  • Awakening to a new consciousness that the divine is in all things, all things have consciousness and that we are divine human beings born in love and in goodness.
  • This transformation of consciousness from a sinful human being to a divine human being is essential for the well-being of humanity and the earth.

Does everyone have a Divine Spark?

  • Yes. But many are un-awakened.
  • Even though we are born with this divine light of Creation within us, our divine ‘spark’ stays hidden until awakened.
  • This is the ‘work,’ we must do. We must awaken our ‘spark.’

Divine Humanity as your Philosophy and Religion

  • You do not have to pass a hierarchal ‘gatekeeper’ to join, such as in the Christian Church.
  • All that is needed is the acceptance of Divine Humanity as your philosophy and religion and the willingness to awaken your ‘spark’ and bring your own unique starlight out to the world.

We hope that you will find truth in Divine Humanity and accept it as your spiritual philosophy and religion. Thank you and peace to you and the world.