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‘A Good Fruitful Tree’

(The following is excerpted from Dr. Husfelt’s forthcoming book The Greatest Lie Ever Told - a Manifesto for a Religious Revolution and a New Consciousness)

We are living in very interesting times as we approach a transition of Ages. We are leaving the emotional sign of Pisces and entering the mental sign of Aquarius. What does this foretell for humanity? As a human race we are facing catastrophic consequences caused by the actions of the ruling male-dominated systems of Democracy, Capitalism and Institutionalized Religion.

The established paradigms on this earth are corrupt and broken. These patriarchal economic, governmental and religious systems have based their existence on spreading fear and separatism while accumulating excessive amounts of wealth and power for their controlling elite at the expense of the rest of humanity and the earth. Sadly, a problem that is not unique in the annals of history, but one that is potentially the most destructive of all times—not only to the human race but to all the creatures of the earth:

Jesus did not—as theologians would have us believe—descant on the blessings of poverty or the sinfulness of sowing and gathering into barns—none but a fool could do so—but discoursed on the evils of a system which was based on wrong conceptions and false assumptions.


His theme…. was the eternal problem of the oppression of the many by the few: a problem which was hoary with age already in those far-off times, and which, nevertheless, is still the most burning question of the present day. “The poor ye have always with you,” and the question to which Jesus tried to find an answer was not—as is the case with most soi-disant reformers—what to do with them, but how to eliminate from the social organization the conditions which produce them.


For let it be noted that Jesus never prescribed remedies—so called—but always sought to find the cause of the evil, and then proposed to choke it off at its source. With his postulates ever present in his mind that “Every good tree bringeth forth good fruit, but a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit,” he did not fall into the error, so common among students of social problems, of mistaking the symptoms for the malady, and then try to combat the evil by palliating the effects which result from it. His contention was for preventives, and not for palliatives. There can be no “remedy” to correct the evil of the fruit which is brought forth by a corrupt tree. You cannot gather figs of thorns, nor grapes of thistles. Therefore the only way of combating an evil is to destroy the source whence it springs; or, in the metaphor of the Teacher, “Every tree which bringeth not forth good fruit is hewn down, and cast into the fire.”[i]

Today, the corrupt trees to be ‘chopped’ down and thrown into the fire are three: Institutionalized Religion—especially Christianity—Capitalism and Capocracy—the resultant evil of Capitalistic Democracy. You see, there is no real democracy as there is no economic, social or racial equality of any sorts anywhere in the world.

Capitalism is an elitist corrupt system of excessive consumption and social inequality that has done nothing more for humanity and the planet than caused undue collapse of indigenous cultures, biospheric decline and destruction.

Organized religion as the root cause of the so many wars and conflicts over the past thousands of years separates humanity instead of uniting it and with egocentric snobbery claims superiority over nature—again there is no equality in organized religion.

I provide ‘a good fruitful tree’ as an alternative to Christianity and its Great Lie as well as to all other organized religions. This alternative is the pure egalitarian, ecological religion of Divine Humanity. I also offer alternatives to the so-called democracy that exists today and to the paradigm of capitalism in the form of Intrinsic Egalitarianism and True Democracy both of which are based on ‘natural law.’ And finally, I provide guidance and a pathway to personal awakening and a transformation of consciousness.

Change is coming, not only to the earth but to the root structures of society. Will you let this change be ruled by fear and the elite? Or will you participate in the conscious transformation to an Age of Enlightenment?


[i] Ignatius Singer, The Rival Philosophies of Jesus and of Paul, pp. 288 - 289