One of the core beliefs of Divine Humanity is egalitarianism. Equality for all, isn’t it quite plausible that egalitarianism was as well the vision of Jesus? Elizabeth Fiorenza seems to think so. She “and some other biblical scholars have plausibly argued that Jesus is responsible for the egalitarianism in early Christianity. He countered a custom that Jews shared with most traditional cultures, namely that a woman’s fulfillment is inseparable from her homemaking role. He alarmed his friend Martha by encouraging her sister to learn from a rabbi, properly a male role, rather than serve food….

Jesus attempted to counteract economic discrimination against women; he denounced religious leaders who ‘devour widows’ houses and for the sake of appearances say long prayers.”[i]

All three of the major Western Religions are based on inequality. They are male dominated with women considered second class citizens. Inequality is not limited to organized religion but is to be found economically throughout the width and breadth of our planet.

Divine Humanity’s equality for all is diametrically opposite not only to organized religion’s doctrine but also to the position, purpose and goal of Capitalism. There is no inherent equality found within the premise and the paradigm of Institutionalized Religion or Capitalism. Not only is there no inherent equality in Capitalism, the basic conceptual purpose and reality is the ‘eating of resources’ – resources that are owned by all but exploited and consumed for the profit of a few. This excessive consumption ultimately destroys the earth and humanity.

If you want to stop Climate Change and Global Warming then destroy Capitalism! Do not assume that Divine Humanity endorses, believes or supports Marxism, Socialism or Communism. It does not. What it does believe in is what I call Intrinsic Egalitarianism.

You will discover and learn about this concept within the pages of this book. Since Divine Humanity is an egalitarian religion, it also believes in Democracy. This is True Democracy not Democracy that is connected with Capitalism, which I call Capocracy. You will discover that True Democracy and Capitalism are incompatible. True Democracy is mutated by Capitalism into a form that only represents a small percentage of people—the wealthy and the Corporate and the Energy-Medical-Military-Industrial Barons.

Both Intrinsic Egalitarianism and True Democracy are based on ‘natural law,’ which flows from the divinity within each individual.

[i] William E. Phipps, Muhammad and Jesus, pp. 135 – 136